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French power punk rockers BARE TEETH premiere new EP ‘First the Town, Then the World’

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Lille, France based powerful metallized punk rockers BARE TEETH have released a powerful debut EP called ‘First the Town, Then the World’, supported with a new music video for single ‘Parted Ways’ and released last Friday, May 19th, via a number of great DIY labels: Street Machine Records, Don’t Trust The Hype and All Styles Editions (France), Lockjaw Records (UK), Less Talk More Records (Belgium), Morningwood Records (Netherlands), Melodic Punk Style (Poland), No Reason Records (Italy), Far Channel Records (Japan), Pro Rawk Records (USA), Realize Records (South Korea), Sirkel Pit (Switzerland), and 59SRS (Russia). cleardotWe have teamed up with the band’s vocalist Greg to give you an exclusive track-by-track commentary, so be sure to launch these jams and scroll down to get more details about each and every song on the record.

First the Town, Then the World: Our EP is named after this one, and it’s about dedication, motivation and commitment. When I started playing in bands, I wanted to do some shows, then some tours, and many people told me it couldn’t happen. Because they didn’t know anybody who succeeded in doing such things, then it was impossible. I proved them wrong, but it takes a lot of time to make something.

Behind the Wall: I wrote this song when I was on tour in Eastern/Central Europe. Most of the time, when you book DIY tours, you end up sleeping on people’s floors and even if they don’t have much to offer, they offer it to you. When I played a show in Romania, the promoter was really sorry because he could only pay us 40 euros instead of the 100 euros he promised. That was fine to me : that night, I played a show 3000km away from home. Knowing the wages in Romania, I would have been a total asshole if I forced him to give the promised money.

Parted Ways: It’s all about growing up and losing friends as they jump into adulthood and turn their backs at what they once were. You know, I’m not into skateboarding anymore but I still play music, go to shows, get drunk with friends around a campfire or stuff like these, but I kinda lost a very good friend who introduced me to skateboarding and punk/rock because he thought it’s somewhat pointless at this stage of his life. Bummer !

Always Rain: This song is about depression and being unable to move into your own life because of questions banging in your head. The funny fact is that I wasn’t depressed when I wrote this song, but I remembered some thougher moments and asked myself why I couldn’t move. In these moments, you always have a feeling that bad things only happen to you and you want them to end quicly.

Down: Sad song again as this song is about suicide. Sometimes, depressed friends can be boring or annoying, especially when you don’t have the time to focus on their problems and help them to get better, but it drags them down … and the worse may happen. This song is about the regrets you have when the worse has just happen.

Tomorrow Starts Today: This song is more funny and deals with the same subject than “First the town, then the world”. In short, get your fingers out of your asshole (as we say in French). Chase your dreams, make them happen, be proud of yourself and be condident about what you do.

These Towns Need Guns: More political one. We are really against guns and I wrote this song when things were going crazy in the USA (and they still are). Countries with the least violent crime rates are the ones who banned almost banned guns. We don’t need any further explanations. However, there are still some assholes claiming that people wearing guns all the time can solve tricky situations. Damn…

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