Catch emotive post hardcore act OAKHANDS on tour – see the dates here

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Fresh off the release of their recent live performance video, German post hardcore act OAKHANDS hit the road with Frankfurt based WATCH ME RISE this weekend! See the dates here and in the tour poster below.

Oakhands from Munich, Germany built their house right on the borders of post-hardcore, emo and indierock. Their debut “The Shadow of Your Guard Receding” , released in Spring 2020 by This Charming Man Records, The band album will bring you 11 Songs about family, mental health, social anxiety and masculinity in one’s modern society, full of emotions and with its aesthetic compareable to the writers approach of the “Sturm & Drang“ period Their musical complexity and metaphorical abstraction in the form of storytelling may seem a bit artsy and stand in contrast to their stripped down live performances, where they try to come together, stand in front of the stage and let you be a part of all their emotions and the feelings they have.

Watch me Rise from Frankfurt can be found somewhere between Emo, Post Hardcore and classic Punk Rock. The four piece Emo-Core band was founded in December 2017 and has played over 80 shows in two years all around Europe as well as support shows for “Listener”, “Trash Boat”, “Lygo”, “Skywalker” and more. Heartbreaking lyrics, an emotional live performance and lots of love guarantee an evening you should not miss!

OAKHANDS band by Dennis Klausmann

“This is the first Tour for us in over 2 1/2 years, and we are more than grateful for all the people and DIY Venues who put their heart and soul into their local culture and booked us so we could finally hit the road again.” – comments the band.

“And finally we are able to return to Berlin, we havent had the chance to play there for over four years! but honestly we´re looking forward to every single one of the Shows, and are really happy that Watch me Rise could hop on the tour rather spontaneously. we already played two Shows with them in the last Week and were blown away by them and the way they put their heart into their live-perfomance, a thing we always try to do as well. Liveshows full of raw emotions and connection between all the people in the room is what we are looking for and hopefully these shows ahead of us will be exactly that.”

After the tour the back will be back at the drawing board to prepare for the next year, upcoming tours, festivals and hopefully some new music.

Oakhands live

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