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Chaotic hardcore/metal act THE GRANDFATHER premiere new video “Kemper”

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Florida chaotic hardcore metallers THE GRANDFATHER have teamed up with us to give you their newest video for the track “Kemper”, one of the five explosive mathcore tinged songs from their new EP “I: Absent” that deals with mental illness, dark places and one man’s search to find himself. The feeling and energy that this pack can conjure by smart blends of influences and mystique atmosphere is almost disturbing and it’s most definitely an offering that should be next on your list if you’re into THE CHARIOT, and NORMA JEAN. Check out the band’s official word about the video and watch it below!

“The video is the first part in a three part story and serves as a reflection of our newest EP ‘I: Absent’. It is the visual interpretation of the meaning behind those songs. It’s about a man who is haunted by his innermost darkness as he tries to escape it.”

THE GRANDAFTHER is: vocalist Dillon Schiel, guitarist Jonluc Lowdermilk, guitarist Josh Smith, bassist Cory Lanza and drummer Nick Huff.

We secluded ourselves in the backwoods of North Carolina for a year of our lives creating, writing, and fighting. This is a collection of the first 5 pieces birthed out of that heartache. We hope you enjoy hearing the journey, as much as we enjoyed taking it.

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