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Chris Carrabba on the next DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL album

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Even though singer Chris Carrabba is very busy with the reunited FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER, who plan to release a new album this year, he revealed in a recent interview that a new DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL album could be in the works.

And as far as Dashboard Confessional, it’s now been a few years since the release of ‘Alter the Ending’. Can we expect a follow-up to that anytime soon?

I think so. It’s hard to say. I needed to take a little time to distance myself from making Dashboard records. Doing the Further record is part of that. I couldn’t commit fully to that Further record unless I took a step away from Dashboard.

Did you feel like you needed a change of pace? Were you just getting bored?

I felt I personally needed it. It wasn’t boredom, it was about my personal well being, you know? Touring for nearly 11 years, 300 days of the year, essentially, I think I started to feel disconnected from (pauses) whoever I am. Like I was just this robot that was like a song-maker. I needed to live a little bit, I think.

You can read the rest of the interview here.


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