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Christchurch’s CATSICK and Perm’s CONFLICTED join forces for a new hardcore split record

CATSICK are armed and dangerous now with CONFLICTED from Russia and should not be approached. Returning to the Prawn shack after the devastating Catsick 2, recorded by ex Blindspot member Brian Feary (Melted Ice Cream, Roxy music Etc). Catsick is back with less about Brian Feary and more about Catsick, Catsick, Catsick, Catsick, Catsick, Catsick. The most prolific, hardest working, most athletic band New Zealand has seen since OMC – How Bizarre.

This time Catsick has smashed through the glass ceiling of hardcore limitations and has created something as beautiful as it is repulsive. Catsick does not draw influence from others, others draw influence from Catsick.

Catsick doesn’t shy away from dealing with homophobic, racist and sexist pieces of shit within the Christchurch music scene. In other words, Catsick are heavy weights in the Christchurch punk community pulling down the trousers of all that are big pieces of doo doo.

Catsick consists of, bob – Mr Bob Dobalina, and some other losers.

You are either with us or against us and I know which side I would rather be on, the winning side, the Catsick side.

Catsick is: John, Luke, Craig

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