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Closed Casket Activities interviewed by Cvlt Nation

Justin from CLOSED CASKET ACTIVITIES was recently interviewed by Cvlt Nation.


The label is home for DISGRACE, HARM’S WAY, INCENDIARY, HARNESS, WHEN TIGERS FIGHT, XIBALBA and more great bands.

There are a ton of bands out there that I get stoked on hearing new music from, and it seems like that number grows every day. There are, however, only a few labels that I think consistently release well packaged, forward-thinking music that I can’t wait to hear. CLOSED CASKET ACTIVITES is one such label. Based on the label’s history of quality releases, a band simply working with CCA merits me giving them a chance. With the current glut of labels and bands working today, CCA stands head and shoulders above the rest, with beautifully packaged records that not only look good, but most importantly, sound good. Here is an interview with label owner Justin Loudon.

Go here to read the interview.

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