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CLUB SINISTER embarks on an ethereal journey at the thresholds of dream pop, shoegaze and post punk

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CLUB SINISTER was formed in early 2020 by members Alex Horton and Ian Weidner in Kansas City, MO. The two have spent the previous ten years sharpening their songwriting abilities by playing in a variety of different bands ranging everywhere from indie rock to metal, which has led to the genre-defying and unique sound of Club Sinister. The duo’s debutE P blends the various styles of Dream Pop, Post Punk, Shoegaze, and Goth Rock to create a dark and ethereal sound that is unwavering throughout the whole album, which we’re pleased to present you for the first listen below!

The band was introduced on Halloween of 2020 and their debut single ‘Beyond Bleeding’ was released on 11/20/2020. The track was praised as being “goth-tinged, obscure and mysterious, with a dash of reverb, passionate and dreamlike…” (WhiteLight/WhiteHeat)

The duo’s second single ‘Sheol’ was released on 12/18/2020 with an exclusive premiere by The Pitch (Kansas City). Proving that they do not intend to just be a quick spark in the constantly crowded independent music scene, the duo expect to return to the studio to begin working on their follow-up shortly after the release of their debut EP.

Written by Club Sinister. Drums / Mixing / Mastering by Luis Quiroz.

Alex and Ian met all the way back in middle school and have been friends ever since. They’ve played in bands together in the past, but this is their first project as a duo since relocating to Kansas City a few years ago.

“The shock of going into lockdown and the never-ending monotony of the pandemic sparked a new interest for us to start writing music again.” – comments the band.

“What began as a basement project out of boredom turned into a full-fledged release that we put a lot of energy into. We had a ton of fun creating this and it was exciting for us to try out some new styles that we haven’t dove into before. We’ve always been drawn to darker music and imagery, but we think the desperate and unsettling nature of the EP really mirrors the past year that we’ve had. We hope everyone is able to find a little bit of solace while listening to this release.”

Club Sinister

As far as influences go, CLUB SINISTER admits that it’s always hard for them to pinpoint any single band that drove them to where we are now. “We listen to such a wide variety of music, you could hear anything from country to black metal blasting when you walk into our house, but we’ve definitely discovered a lot of newer bands in the same vein as us that we’ve really been enjoying. The most recent Soft Kill, Choir Boy, and Death Bells records have been in heavy rotation for us lately. Outside of that realm, some early picks for 2021 that we’ve been digging are the new Frozen Soul and Gatecreeper records.”

CLub Sinister

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