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COLD VENUS REVISITED unfolds dark melancholy with “Keep Breathing”

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Emerging from Prague, Czech Republic, Cold Venus Revisited has been subtly etching their name in the annals of music for their distinctive blend of dark, noisy psychedelia, shoegaze, and post-punk. As though donning an auditory kaleidoscope, the band transfigures the confines of these genres, rendering a soundscape that evokes the emotive rawness of the ’70s and ’80s punk scene.

Channeling echoes of The Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3, and Kino, their approach synthesizes elements of krautrock, garage, and contemporary guitar-driven music in a riveting swirl of auditory expression.

The multicultural band members, Oli, Vladimir, and Kaan, originating from Siberia to Turkey, contribute to the unique identity of Cold Venus Revisited.

This international trio brings an exciting blend of cultural influences, fusing them into an alluring tapestry of sound. The shared ardor for music permeates through their diverse origins, synergistically molding their compositions with an unmatched energy and a unified artistic vision.

Their compositions become a refuge, an escape hatch from the dystopian reality around, giving life to existential lyrics that resonate in the noise of melancholy.

Their latest single, “Keep Breathing,” debuted on June 6, 2023, plumbs the depths of nostalgia and the blurred lines of memory. It is a tribute to the acceptance of sadness and personal growth, a testament to their creative prowess, and as the band poetically put it – a love song for the very sad people.

In “Keep Breathing,” Cold Venus Revisited merges their distinctive musical narrative with a self-created visual journey.

Their commitment to the DIY ethos is manifested in the music video for “Keep Breathing,” a project that was entirely filmed, produced, and edited by the band. The visual narrative is a delicate play between abstract and concrete, evoking the hallucinogenic essence of a dream while adding depth to the single’s melancholic undertone. The band’s singer and bass player, Oli, also extends his creativity to the album’s cover art, which mirrors the abstract visual narrative of the video.

The video, directed in collaboration with their talented friend and artist, Alisa Safo, is a visual stream of consciousness, intending to invite the viewer into a psychedelic dream labyrinth, into the secret landscape depths of the soul. Alisa’s expertise in transforming sound into visual art enhances the viewing experience, reflecting the band’s ability to collaborate with other creative individuals successfully.

The DIY ethos is more than just a mode of creation for Cold Venus Revisited—it is a testament to their authenticity, their commitment to each member’s creative integrity and personal journey. It is a daunting task, indeed, to fully own every step of the creative process, but it is this very journey that is both liberating and therapeutic, fostering the band’s dedication to delivering a deeply personal and immersive musical experience.

Keep Breathing” reflects Cold Venus Revisited’s ability to experiment with various genres while maintaining a clear artistic vision. Their choice to produce their music and videos underscores a strong DIY ethos. While this approach presents its challenges, it also offers a platform for the band’s unique voice and vision, ensuring their authenticity remains intact throughout the creative process.

The single is an illustration of their capacity to merge various artistic expressions into a coherent narrative. The band’s dedication to crafting their unique sound, combined with their DIY ethos, indicates their commitment to their artistic endeavors.


As their discography grows, their journey will provide an interesting case study in the field of genre-blurring and self-produced music.


Karol Kamiński

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