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MOUTHBREATHER unleashes sonic mayhem with “You Try to Die”

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In the ever-evolving tapestry of modern heavy music, an intriguing new texture has emerged with MouthBreather. Originating from Lowell, Massachusetts, this band has meticulously weaved together a unique sonic fabric they refer to as “Gadget Metal.” Their latest single, “You Try to Die,” (on Good Fight Music) offers an enticing preview of this innovative blend of hardcore, mathcore, grindcore, and elements of powerviolence.

The quartet — Ryan Fosdick on guitar, Nick Cates on drums, Brett Cates as the voice, and Derek Lamoreaux handling bass duties — collectively channel an onslaught of heavy, brutal, and in-your-face riffs, suffused with a palpable rhythmic chaos. This aggressive alchemy of styles sets them apart in an industry that often tends towards predictability.

MouthBreather dares to tread where few bands venture, churning out a chaotic fusion of heavy music genres that resonates with raw power and authenticity.

The band’s unique moniker, MouthBreather, reflects their unfiltered approach to music-making, their candid expression distilled through thunderous riffs and unyielding percussion. Their sound, a maelstrom of swirling chaos and savage precision, reflects their collective musical backgrounds and shared dedication to pushing boundaries.

MouthBreather’s sonic identity, indeed, lives up to its epithet of “Gadget Metal” – a genre seemingly constructed from a toolbox of various heavy music subgenres. Their sound is a dynamic fusion, reflecting the fluidity of contemporary music where boundaries are continually stretched, and genres morph and meld.

While one might be tempted to tout this band as the ‘next big thing’ based on their daring and diverse approach, it’s essential to ground our appreciation in objectivity. As with any act that ambitiously merges genres, MouthBreather will undoubtedly polarize listeners. Yet, their bold vision for what heavy music can be is, without question, invigorating.


In essence, MouthBreather encapsulates the spirit of modern heavy music — audacious, diverse, and unapologetically relentless.

Catch the band live, currently on tour at the following dates:


From the production seat, Nick Cates, who not only played drums for MouthBreather, contributed as a producer, mixer, and recording engineer, adding another layer of intricacy to the group’s dense sonic architecture. His fellow bandmate, Ryan Fosdick, known for his guitar work, also wore the hat of a producer and recording engineer, exemplifying the diverse talents within the band.

Behind the thick, abrasive textures and potent sonic balance of “You Try to Die” is the deft touch of Mastering Engineer, Jay Maas. Maas’ expertise brought the necessary polish to MouthBreather’s ferocious intensity, further elevating the overall auditory experience.

Derek Lamoreaux, who handled the low-end frequencies as the band’s bassist, also lent his skills as a recording engineer. This dual role underscores the band members’ commitment to realizing their unique vision for their music, reinforcing their hands-on approach to creation.

Brett Cates, the band’s vocalist, wore the mantle of the lyricist. His poignant words, delivered through his raw vocal power, are a cornerstone of MouthBreather’s identity, grounding their intense musicality with a narrative thrust that complements their bleak sonic explorations.

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