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COLD WORLD interviewed by xCat Moshx

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xCat Moshx magazine did a cool interview with COLD WORLD.

While the hardcore scene was definitely fun at the time, there certainly
wasn’t anything that really sounded like what we wanted to do. I think that void inspired us mostly. We loved bands like Life of Agony, Leeway and Biohazard and no one was really doing that at the time. Not that we wanted to sound exactly like those bands but we liked the crossover vibe. We wanted to appeal to all the different walks of life within the scene. In the end I’m not sure it worked out that way but it was definitely a goal of ours. I remember Alex only wanted to make XL and XXL shirts at first! But less specifically, I’d say coming up in the Wilkes-Barre hardcore scene was the biggest influence on CW. It was the kind of scene where people were always trying to do something different (for better or worse) and that probably has a lot to do with why we thought nothing of incorporating hip-hop elements into our sound.

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