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Concrete Tears – Italian act CRANCY CROCK release new song inspired by the tragic collapse of the Morandi Bridge

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Italian punk rock act CRANCY CROCK  has release a new song “Concrete Tears”, released in cooperation with Gasterecords and inspired by the events of 14 August 2018, the day of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, a tragedy in which forty-three people lost their lives and hundreds more found themselves displaced. The band was not directly involved with this event but felt the need to express their anger about an announced tragedy that could have been avoided.

The single, produced by Crancy Crock, supported by Gasterecords and Samoan Records, recorded at Crancy Studio by Dario Campana, mixed and mastered by Giovanni Bottoglia at Indiebox Music Hall, has been released on 03 August 2020 at 6:30 pm, the same time in which the San Giorgio Bridge (the “new Morandi Bridge”) will be inaugurated in Genoa. This concomitance to symbolically reiterate that we cannot forget what happened.

CRANCY CROCK were born in 1997 and play punk rock with Italian lyrics. They released five albums, “Crancy Crock” (2002), “… nOn cOn Noi” (2006), “Il gioco delle palle” (2010), “Moderno Medioevo” (2014) and “Nuovi eVenti ”(2017), and a single “Johnny Natale” (2019).

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