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I.Corrupt.Records announce “Buried” by BROTHER/GHOST

Since the success of “Black Ice”, the band’s first output, it has taken the band four years finishing this new 7-track album – and it was totally worth it! Going through several band member changes and a two-year hiatus, the three-piece is now finally able to show the world their new masterpiece. BROTHER/GHOST have finally come full circle to deliver their next chapter and a debut album that is as rich in intensity as it is drenched in beauty – serving not only as a journal of the band’s incredible ride so far, but also a portrait of the unique city it was produced in, Austin TX, beaming with creativity and boundless diversity.

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Compared to their first output, “Buried” isn’t just a post-rock record – while the album begins in classic Brother/Ghost fashion, with opener “Satan” drenched in intoxicating/sombre layers of vocals – strings, rumbling drums and dirty guitars… it’s not long before things sprawl-off into new directions. It’s dark and beautiful at the same time and fans of Nick Cave, Radiohead, Esben And The Witch & Mogwai will likely be banging their heads in delight, while making the wise decision to trade some tinnitus for more volume. The album as a whole has a moody cinematic feel to it – and at times it feels like being on the set of a Coen Brothers or a David Lynch movie – and it’s exactly that rich and masterful songwriting above all that has drawn us to this band from day one and makes us very excited to share this record with you all.

“Buried” will be out on June 15, 2015, pressed on coloured 12″ vinyl, limited to 500

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