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Danish post metal act WE ARE AMONG STORMS pick Best Releases of 2018

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Oh boy, each consecutive year gives us more and more reasons to press play. There has been no shortage of newcomers and even with the high pace of promotion it’s literally impossible to track down everything that’s worth a check. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve launched the second edition of our End Of The Year project. Whittling 2018 down to just a couple of ‘best’ releases is no easy task, so we figured it’s way easier to get many different perspectives from our associated artists, labels, including new bands that caught our attention earlier this year. Copenhagen’s epic post metal act WE ARE AMONG STORMS (members of THE PSYKE PROJECTHEXIS, and ÉGLISE) was one of them, and today we’re pleased to give you their ‘best of 2018’ wrap-up!

WE ARE AMONG STORMS‘ debut EP was released in early October and was premiered exclusively on IDIOTEQ. The band’s debut music video was released the following week.

Birds In Row – We Already Lost The World

2018 has been a year of both good and bad – just like all other years. But in many ways this have been one of the more extreme ones.
Some of us lost a very good friend this fall due to long time illness. We knew what was coming but such things still hit like a truck. On the other hand, Kenn got the greatest gift of all: A beautiful and healthy child. These very opposite events are the very frame that surrounds us and within that we got a lot of positive experiences. Friends and families, nature and music, together and alone.

Jeremy Soule – The Northerner Diaries Symphonic Sketches

This piece of music is for all of us something that reminds us of serenity, nature and gaming. Oh boy! Countless of ours in the Elders Scrolls series. This gem was released 5th July 2018.

As for WE ARE AMONG STORMS it’s been year of finding our foothold and place in the Danish hardcore-scene once again. We started the year in DEAD RAT STUDIO in Århus (Jutland, Denmark) along with the awesome producer Jacob Bredahl. In a couple of days we managed to live-record our debut EP. An experience we are very grateful for. Jacob knows his way of things and is both a joy to record with as well as a good, friendly and humble human being.

The Malpractice – Slur

Slur was an album that was released in October 2018 and is recorded in DEAD RAT STUDIO. This is in all awesomeness rock’n’roll ala 2018. We love it!

As all musicians know a lot of things are happening behind the scenes – especially when you’re independent, want control and there for Do It Yourself.

Artwork, pictures, press, live-shows, tours, vinyl-press, etc. – what do we do ourselves and what do we definitely need help with!
Talking about help. Rasmus G. Sejersen of LLNN helped us with pictures and captured us on a very windy day in an awe inspiring environment.

LLNN – Deads

LLNN is some of our very good friends. We’ve shared a lot of (insane) moments with these guys and know them quite well. Nonetheless: They sound totally alien and out-of-this-world! Uh, and you have one guess where they recorded their album “Deads”!

2019 will be the year of our EP going physical in the form of a 12” split with HIRAKI. Be sure to check out HIRAKI. They are three awesome dudes with appetite for pushing borders!

HIRAKI – Soft Tusk

Besides also sharing stage with the madness of HIRAKI, we will concentrate on writing songs, enjoying each others company and the rest of what we are so fortunate to have in our lives!

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