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Danish punk band NEXØ draws bleak visions of climate induced human demise with new striking single!

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False Flag, the upcoming new album from Denmark based band NEXØ, investigates a reality where nothing is real anymore. Any kind of objectivity has been watered down by lying men in power, political spin and fake facades – not to mention how social media has democratized the assasination of truth as a concept.  The newest single off of False Flag is released today, and we’re pleased to give you its special presentation below, along with the official music video directed by Jorma from Smeen.

“While the bombs are falling over Ukraine, while the Palestinians are being beaten in the streets, while Yemen is utter chaos and concentration camps dot the Chinese countryside, a bigger threat than our own inhumanity still looms in the shadows.” – comments the band.

NEXØ - Photo by Valentina Paz Ponce Lopez
NEXØ, by Valentina Paz Ponce Lopez

Our way of life is slowly but steadily making life itself impossible.

“In the West we exhaust the annual resources of the planet in a third of a year. The last coral reefs might be gone in our lifetime. Vast areas of rain forest are destroyed every day. We are in a major crisis of bio-diversity, balancing on the tipping point of utter destruction. We simply don’t lead a sustainable life.

The perpetual hunt for growth and expansion is the root of the problem. Capitalism will never ask “is it right?” but only “is it profitable?” and as long as the destruction of the planet keeps the investors happy, it will be business as usual.”


“Scientists have warned about the impending extinction of humanity at our own hands for decades, but in vain. The latest UN report was apathetic at best: ALL humans across the globe will experience worse and worse living conditions, while millions will be on the run, because we failed to mend our ways in time.

The HD Fireplace of the future will be a live stream from the burning Amazon – and there will be no one there to watch it.”

𝑻𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒊𝒔 𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒅𝒆𝒎𝒊𝒔𝒆.

Demise is the second single off of Danish punk band NEXØ’s upcoming album FALSE FLAG, which will be out on all platforms April 15th 2022. The album is released through Kink Records (Germany), TNS Records (UK) and 5FeetUnder (Denmark) and the gatefold vinyl with artwork by French graphic designer Adele Hurbault will be available through the band’s Bandcamp.

Check out the band’s previous psychedelic music video for the song “Truthicide”, created by video artist and photographer Ingerlise Øllgaard:



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