Dave Grohl talks about the new QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE album

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Dave Grohl (NIRVANAFOO FIGHTERS and THEM CROOKED VULTURES) recently spoke to BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe about the new QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE record, where he recently recorded the drum tracks, the same role he did on their 2002 classic “Songs for the Deaf“.


He explains:

With Queens of the Stone Age, like, there were no boundaries with that band, there were no limits with them. It was like if you did something insane, you’d do more, if you did something that seemed too ridiculous — and honestly the new Queens of the Stone Age record, I’m playing drums on that, and I’ll do something so completely ridiculous, I’ll just, like, ‘There’s no way that that Josh is going to let me do that,’ and he’ll say, ‘Do that for forty-five seconds, over and over again, that’s become, like, part of the song, that is a big part of the song,’ and that’s the way they work.

Dave also talked about the band’s general vibe:

When you walk into a festival backstage with Queens of the Stone Age, it’s like, the record stops. People stop and they stare, and it’s like, Queens of the Stone Age are, without question, the baddest rock and roll band in the world! And they still are, and when “Songs for the Deaf”, when that came out, it blew people’s minds, man, for real.

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