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Dave Hause release new album “Bury Me In Philly”

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American singer-songwriter Dave Hause (THE LOVED ONES, THE FALCON, PAINT IT BLACK) has just released his third full length album Bury Me In Philly via Rise Records and it’s available for streaming in its entirety! The record continues his slow paced passion and serves an impressive collection of emotional tracks that will surely please fans of country/Americana folk rock and passionate ‘punk in heart’ offerings.

Dave commented:

I used to listen to WXPN while I worked construction. The morning show got me through till break time, and then Helen Leicht would take over. I loved hearing Helen (who I’d been listening to since her WIOQ days) on XPN, she always sounded so excited about local music and very much at home at the station. David Dye would take over at 2pm and help guide us toward quitting time, regaling us with great music from all over the globe on his World Cafe, electrifying the post lunch doldrums.

On the second Loved Ones record, we got a little bit of love from the station. We did a few in-studio sessions, played their summer festival, and felt like they were into what we were up to, but at the end of the day, we were a ripping, hard partying punk rock band. My fascination with the singer-songwriter paradigm came through a bit on that record, but I didn’t fully go down that rabbit hole until I put out my first solo record Resolutions. It was originally intended as a way to blow of steam, study songwriting, and play some shows without the cumbersome touring apparatus. But things started to click. One of those things was that Helen Leicht loved the song C’mon Kid from that record. She didn’t just add it to her playlist in an obligatory, here’s-a- local-guy-we-need-to-cover; she legitimately would come on the air, gush about the song and then would play it…a lot! It was a huge vote of confidence to have her on board, and then when Devour came out it seemed to click for Bruce Warren (WXPN Program director) as well.

The station played We Could Be Kings in regular rotation, which was exciting, especially for my dad and sisters who would hear it while I was on tour and text me, “they’re playing Kings!” We got to play XPN festival again, we did Free At Noon, but more importantly, I developed a friendship, a mutual respect and admiration with the folks who work there. It’s a real community. Dan Reed and I hit it off when I came in to play a Joe Strummer cover on-air. John Vettese, an early adopter, can be seen at every Philly show I play. When I was struggling with writers block while working on my third solo record, I had lunch with Bruce Warren. I knew I wanted to write a record that paid tribute to Philadelphia— what it means to be from there, and what it felt like to leave. I wanted to explore how your relationship to where you are from changes once your scenery is different. His eyes lit up, and he said emphatically “Make sure you record the album in Philly, and make sure it appeals to anyone who’s ever felt stuck in their home town.” Astute advice, without which the record may have been very different.

Helen Leicht found out that the first concert I ever saw, as a 7 year old kid, was The Hooters at the Tower Theater in 1985. She took it upon herself to introduce me to The Hooters’ frontman, Eric Bazilian, saying “I think Eric will like what you do.” She was right. Eric came out to the headline show I played with my band at World Cafe Live, and we ended up performing the Hooters hit “And We Danced” in the encore. Eric and I kept in touch, and he ended up producing and adding enormous energy and musical prowess to Bury Me In Philly. It was a childhood dream come true, to have the guy who first kick started my lifelong rock and roll fascination make an album with me. Without Helen Leicht, that wouldn’t have happened.

It’s with great respect, pride, and gratitude that I present Bury Me In Philly, a record that would not have been possible without the support, advice, community vibes and love from WXPN. It’s a helluva home.

“On his third solo album Bury Me in Philly, out now, Hause puts the emphasis squarely on emotional, vulnerable lyrics, proving that – like the Clash’s Joe Strummer, Social D’s Mike Ness and X’s John Doebefore him – the most punk thing you can sometimes do is bare your soul. With Bury Me in Philly, Hause, the leader of on-again/off-again punk outfit the Loved Ones, sprints off with the baton. It’s an exhilarating album, a collection of 11 songs that challenge the listener before providing cathartic, hard-won release.” –Joseph Hudak, Rolling Stone Sr. Editor 

Dave Hause on tour:

Feb 3rd – Goleta, CA – The Imperial
Feb 4th – San Francisco, CA – Thee Parkside
Feb 22nd – Philadelphia, PA – Boot & Saddle
Feb 23rd – New York, NY – Berlin
Feb 24th – Boston, MA – The Middle East
Feb 25th – Garwood, NJ – Crossroads

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