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DAYTRADER announce their new singer, premiere a new song

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DAYTRADER have parted ways with their frontman Tym and that a replacement for him has been announced.


They write:

So it goes. Another band succumbs to the ups & downs of rock n roll. Personal and creative differences have come to a head and have made it so I cannot finish the current tour Daytrader is on. I have no malice towards anyone in the band and I wish Gary, Matt, Derrick, and Robert the best. I think they are going to make music together in the future and I’m sure whatever they do will be great.

thanks to everyone who let us sleep on their floor, helped us make our records, sang along to my stories, and to anyone who cared about this little rock band. It meant the world to me

…but I’m sure I’ll see you again


The band streamed their previously-unreleased song with Tym on vocals called “Rita”. The official stream has been taken down, here’s the live version of the song.

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