DEAD AND GONE / NOOTHGRUSH / UK SUBS members touring Europe with ALARIC [UPDATE, March 29th]

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Following the release of their latest full length, End Of Mirrors via Neurot Recordings last May, Oakland-based dark punk alchemists ALARIC have announced European tour dates this Spring, including an appearance at this year’s edition of Roadburn. Support comes from American experimental duo Pinkish Black.

Photo by Philip Cox


4/19/2017 Willemeen – Arnhem, NL
4/20/2017 Roadburn – Tilburg, NL
4/21/2017 Doom Over Leipzig – Leipzig, DE
4/22/2017 Klub Poglos – Warsaw, PL
4/23/2017 Collosseum Club – Kosice, SK
4/24/2017 Dürer Kert – Budapest, HU
4/25/2017 Klub 007 – Prague, CZ
4/26/2017 Divaldo Pod Lampou – Pilsen, CZ
4/27/2017 Kulturbahnhof – Jena, DE
4/28/2017 Die Friese – Bremen, DE
4/29/2017 Northern Discomfort – Copenhagen, DK
5/01/2017 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE
5/02/2017 Antwerp Music City – Antwerp, BE
5/03/2017 LA Zone – Liège, BE
5/04/2017 Strumpf – Hannover, DE


ALARIC – featuring within its ranks current and former members of Dead And Gone, Pins Of Light, Noothgrush, Hedersleben, and UK Subs – began their voyage in 2008 with an eye toward creating moody and compelling music unlike any other. Beginning with influences from such progenitors as Killing Joke and Christian Death to the darkest, heaviest punk bands and the most epic psychedelia, the band has dedicated itself to creating a singularly shadowy electric guitar-driven music. Preceding the release of End Of Mirrors,ALARIC‘s discography includes a debut single Animal/Shadow Of Life (FYBS/ Buried In Hell Records, 2010), a self-titled LP (20 Buck Spin, 2011) and a split 12 ” LP, with Atriarch (20 Buck Spin, 2012).

“It’s a brave new direction that brings to mind the kind of electronic atmospherics that Tom Constanten added to the sound of The Grateful Dead at the height of their psychedelic San Francisco period during the late 1960s. Here, however, the Kool-Aid has been spiked with battery acid and the vibe is mean, lean and bristling with something that sounds like a hybrid of Motörhead and Genesis.” – Wire
“As a whole, it’s a dark, almost apocalyptic sweep of sound. Sitting alongside the recent releases by Se Delan and Madame Mayflower, 2016 is starting to look like the year goth is reborn. Forget darkwave and all that cal: emerging from a protracted period of social and economic turmoil, uncertainty, unrest, fear, and an all-pervading sense of existential trauma, we’re back in the late ’70s and early 80s, and this is the real deal.” – Aural Aggravation
“If you are looking for something that is dark, aggressive, and more left-of-center than your typical metal band these days, then this is worth your time… Aggression is a key component of their sound; even in the album’s more passive moments, it’s still bubbling under the surface like a serial killer staring at himself in the mirror.” – No Clean Singing
“…a deathrock opera that brilliantly sews together the dusky emotivity of Bauhaus and Christian Death, the punishing and bleak atmospheres of Killing Joke and of the heaviest punk bands, and the desolate and hopeless atmospheres of the most crippling doom…” – Cvlt Nation


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