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DEAREST ENEMY release “Blight Town”, a new track produced by Jay Maas of DEAFEATER!

DEAREST ENEMY have recently released a new song teasing their upcoming 6-track EP. Check out this another great example of Jay Maas’ work and the solid introduction into the work of DEAREST ENEMY. This is highly recommended for fans of vein bursting, emotional hardcore in the vein of KILLING THE DREAM and THE CARRIER. This track proves that this is the band to keep your eye on.


Destroy this city, blight fucking town.
How much time will I lose bowing down?
This is not for me. I’m not meant for this…
Still I’m trying, still I’m hoping,
when there’s nothing left for me.
Will I leave this fucking place
or will it get the best of me?
I still remember all the fights,
all the times you let me down,
I should have run, I should have left
instead of giving up…
And still you question what I say
do you believe I can live in this hell?

I’m wasting time… You’ve wasted me.

And when I leave this place,
will you tell yourself you were right,
will we be still fighting over nothing?
I swear you would do the same
if you felt what I felt,
this was never a joke to me
I’m leaving town tonight.

These streets… and their ghosts…

These cold gray streets, they stole enough from my heart.
This wasted youth was long enough, let’s move on.

Get me out of here.

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