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Death grind band VERMIN WOMB streaming new track

Denver, Colorado death grinders VERMIN WOMB (members of PRIMITIVE MAN, CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE…) have posted a first track off their debut album “Decline”. Recorded by Dave Otero, the record will be out October 30th on vinyl and CD via Translation Loss (North America) & Throatruiner Records (Europe), and Sentient Ruin Hibernation for the cassette edition. “Decline” is available for preorder from the labels. To accompany the release of “Decline”, the band will hit the road later this month for a five-weeks US tour, joined by GADGET, WAKE, IMMORTAL BIRD and THEORIES on selected dates – more details below.

“Formed from the ashes of Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire by vocalist/guitarist Ethan McCarthy (also of Primitive Man and Withered) and bassist Zach Harlan, Denver, Colorado’s VERMIN WOMB appeared on many a radar with their 2014 EP “Permanence”. While the band’s debut album “Decline” marks the arrival of ex-CTTTOAFF JP Damron on drumming duties, these ten tracks sound nothing like a return to form, as the band managed to be faster, uglier and heavier than ever.

VERMIN WOMB’s brand of ultra brutality gives no quarter, enhancing their no-bullshit grinding death metal with dissonant death/black murkiness, war metal savagery and sludgy breakdowns. With McCarthys’s trademark subterranean barks, raw-sounding blast beats and imperial riffs bolstered by Dave Otero’s thick production, Decline is one of these short albums designed for maximum impact. If you ever wondered how extreme metal would sound like once purged of any unnecessary artifices, here’s your answer.”


9/29-Denver,[email protected] Scum
9/30-Minneapolis,[email protected] The Rathole
10/1-Chicago,[email protected] Wire lounge ≈
10/2-Indianapolis,[email protected] Quarter ≈
10/3-Grand Rapids,[email protected] House ≈
10/4-Allentown,[email protected] Weekend ≈
10/5-Hamden, CT @The Space ≠
10/6-New Jersey, @Meat Locker ≠
10/7-Worcester,[email protected] Castle ≠
10/8-Portland,[email protected] Rock club ≠
10/9-Bangor, [email protected] Art Gallery ≠
10/10-Ithaca,[email protected] Lounge ≠
10/11-Brooklyn, NY @Saint Vitus ≠
10/12-Baltimore,[email protected]
10/13-Philadelphia,[email protected] fu Necktie ≠
10/14-Richmond,[email protected] Watt
10/15-Raleigh,[email protected] Downtown
10//16-Columbia,[email protected] Brookland Tavern
10/17-Nashville,[email protected] Room
10/18-Dallas,[email protected]
10/19-Austin,[email protected] well
10/20-El Paso,[email protected]
10/21-Tucson,[email protected] Terror Fest
10/23-Tijuana,[email protected] Mods Bar §•
10/24-Long Beach,[email protected] Light §•
10/25-Los Angeles,CA @ Complex §•
10/26-Oakland,[email protected] Bull §•
10/27-Sanfrancisco,[email protected] Eagle §•
10/28-Sacramento,[email protected] §•
10/29-Eureka,[email protected] Siren’s Song Tavern §•
10/30-Eugene,[email protected] Boreal §•
10/31-Portland,[email protected] Water Mark §•
11/1-Seattle,[email protected]
11/2-Boise,ID @ Wastelander Studios
11/3-Denver, CO @ Mutiny info cafe W/ FISTER

≈-W/Immortal Bird
≠-W/ Gadget


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