Death To False Hope Records Fest 2 release free compilation

Death To False Hope Records Fest 2 starts today. Inc celebration of this weekend, Death To False Hope Records are giving you a chance to stream a free compilation of the band performing at the fest. The crew has also teaed up with AMP Magazine to release a free download of this release. Go here to grab it.

Here’s the line-up of the fest:

Friday Garage
6-630- Jack’s Smirking Revenge
7-730- Old Flings
8-830- Ascetic Parade
9-930- Young///Savage
10-1045- Pullman Strike
1130-1215- Rob Huddleston

Friday Showroom
630-7- Sour Boy Bitter Girl
730-8 – Capitalist Kids
830-9 – Almost People
930-10 – Arliss Nancy
1045-1130 – Joe Mcmahon
1215-1 – Pink Flag

Saturday Garage
5-530- Gunner’s Daughter
6-630- The Sky We Scrape
7-730- Random Orbits
8-830- The Holy Mess
9-930- Timeshares
10-1045- Eno Mountain Boys
1130-1215- Mikey Erg

Saturday Showroom
530-6- They Stay Dead
630-7- Let Me Run
730-8- Fake Boys
930-10- Mixtapes
1045-1130- Ann Beretta
1215-1- Red Collar

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