PACER premieres new song

London’s PACER are streaming a new song off their self-release called “Making Plans”, to hit the stores stores on July 2nd, 2012.

Go here to stream more.

The band commented:

Today we are excited to announce the forth coming release of our debut album, Making Plans. We have been playing some of the songs live now for the last few months (including a few last year at the Bouncing Souls shows) and we are really pleased with it.

It’s 12 tracks, clocking in at around 30 mins. It was written over the last year and was recorded live over two days a few months ago and then self mixed (over and over again) by Dave until we were happy with it.

For this release we wanted to try something a bit different. There are so many amazing platforms to get music out now and we wanted to experiment with the ways that people can get our music and the different ways we could get our songs out.

Personally I’m in love the digital downloads. The immediacy of releasing something via something like bandcamp is amazing, you can record and release something within a day if you chose to! But at the same time a digital download lacks the heart and soul that a physical release can have. There is nothing like getting a new record or cd, cracking it open and flicking through the lyrics book or seeing the cover up close.

So for the release of Making Plans we have decided to self release it as an art book with a digital download hoping to take in the best bits of both mediums, using the economy of sending tracks digitally to funnel more money into the physical aspects of the release.

Here is a break down of how the release will work.

Today we have set up the Making Plans album on our band camp. Pre-orders of the art book will get you the book (mailed out for the release day) aswell as an email from band camp with a link the to mp3 download on 2nd July. Pre-ordering the art book now will also get you a sweet art print, this will be available up until the pre-orders are shipped.

Preorders for the book with a download code are also being taken by the lovely people at Banquet records.

On the 2nd July the album will be available as a pay what you want digital download from our band camp, the art book will still be available online but also at our shows (along with a download code).

In the future we may look at a traditional physical release of it

Over the next few weeks in the run up to the release we will be streaming tracks ourselves, as well as posting details of exclusive streams that are available on other sites. To keep track of all the streams and to act as a repository for information regarding the album, details of it being made and it’s release we have made a mini-site. ads
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