DEFIANCE have broken up

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California thrash metallers DEFIANCE have called it quits.

Here’s the official word:

Hey All!
Jim Adams here,
I imagine it won’t be a surprise to anyone who might read this that Defiance is no longer a band. After coming to the realization that the music industry was falling apart, and without the internal bond that Defiance had in back in their heydays, it was decided (by me) to shut down all activities to avoid being completely financially wiped out.

Steev and Mark both put it best when they each told me that “we did what we promised we would do, and that was finish this album for Doug.”

Having some time to think about what that really means, I have come to agree completely with them. The job is done. Doug is gone, and with him, really…Defiance.

I have since moved on and joined Severed Fifth and will be releasing a full length album in February 2012 titled “Liberate”.

To everyone who supported and followed Defiance over the last 25 years, we would like to thank you. Without the fans, we would have just been 5 knuckleheads destroying our hearing and our livers in some basement in Oakland.

The final line up of Defiance was:
Jim Adams – Guitars
Shawn Bozarth – Guitars
Keven Albert – Vocals
Mike Kaufmann – Bass
Burton Ortega – Drums

I’d like to extend a personal “Thank You” to Shawn, Keven and Burton for taking on the impossible. I really enjoyed playing music with you guys, and hope to be able to do exactly that again someday with you.


Karol Kamiński

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