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Different Music Streaming Apps For iPhones

Imagine yourself sitting somewhere where you do not feel like indulging in a conversation or gearing up for your morning run and not feeling like running to your potential. One of the best ways to spice things up for yourself no matter how boring things get is to add up a little rhythm and music to your life. Many people who workout and want their workout motivation use different musicals and workout montages from movies and other sources to stay on track and get the best results from their workout routines. If your workplace or job description is not exciting enough, you can add a lot of chill to your work by listening to your favorite musical numbers.

Not everybody can afford a high-end music system or a gadget but you can still listen to your favorite music by using different music streaming apps that are available online for free. All you need is a high-speed internet connection that provides you a buffer-free internet experience like the one offered by Hawaiian Telcom internet. These music streaming apps are available for free but if you want to use their premium services, then they might charge you for it. One of the things that you should keep in mind when you are selecting a music streaming service is to use a platform that has more availability of content. So make sure you have this in mind. Let’s have a look at the different music streaming apps for iOS users:

Apple Music

This is one of the best places to find the best songs, artists and music albums that you want to listen to and get unlimited access to millions of playlists and tracks that suit your mood and liking. You can also find some original audio tracks and content by different artists you know and listen to. You can use the Spatial Audio featuring Dolby Atmos to create an audio surround system around you while you can select from around 75 million songs without any interruptions caused by advertisements. You can also create and share your playlist and use Listen Now for more personalized selections. Also, you can follow your friends and have a look out for things that your friends are listening to and use many other useful features that keep your music with you on the go.

App Store Ratings: 3.7

YouTube Music

This is a plethora of around 70 million songs that you can find using a single on the iPhone and have a look around content like covers, live performances, musical content and so many other things that you might not be able to find somewhere else. There are activity mixers, playlists and curated content and playlists that you can find and so much more. You can use the app to create playlists that has songs and suggestions or go for a collaboration with some other music fans that can become a perfect playlist to listen to. You can also get updates on the new releases and discover music that suits your mood.

App Store Ratings: 4.7


Spotify helps you get connected to millions of audio files and content creators for free and lets you listen to songs that you have and other songs from around the world. You can search for your favorite music according to the song name, album and artists. You can even create and share your playlists and find music according to your mood and the activity you want to perform. You can use the app on your smartphone, PlayStation, TV, voice-controlled devices and other smart devices that you use and even download your music to create a massive music collection for yourself. If you have Spotify on your Apple Watch then you can access and control your favorite music and podcasts using your wrist.

App Store Ratings: 4.8


The app takes your music to a whole new level and provides you with the best quality music without any ads. You can select from around 80 million songs from almost all genres and more than 300,000 videos and all within your grasp. Along with all this, there are features that hardcore music fans and enthusiasts can benefit from including unlimited skips, radio, offline play and so many other cool features. The app also allows you to listen to your music offline and get exclusive access to live performances, videos and music if you get their membership. All of this and more is offered by TIDAL for users and music lovers all around the world.

App Store Ratings: 4.6


This is one of the most popular audio streaming apps that you can use and add more to your workspace and workouts as well. You can use the app to listen to your favorite songs and user-generated content. If you have a thing for singing and recording your audio, you can upload your audio clips for other users who use Soundcloud. You can select songs from different electronic, rock, classical and other music genres and join a diverse community of listeners and artists and discover some new music tastes as well. You can even get suggestions and recommendations on tracks based on your listening habits. You can create your very own playlists for parties, work, gym, or any other mood that you have.

App Store Ratings: 4.5

In the end, one can say that using music streaming apps is one of the best ways to add more colors to your life. It is not only entertaining for users but also has a lot of information as podcasts and other motivational stuff. Also, music itself is quite a therapeutic way to heal yourself and make your social gatherings and other social settings more entertaining and less boring. Also, these can be an amazing addition to your Thanksgiving dinners and celebrations and almost every occasion.


Different Music Streaming Apps For iPhones
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