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American metal/hardcore hybrid DISCOURSE and London’s metalcore / hardcore band RENOUNCED will be hitting European roads starting November 10th! The booking is on via [email protected]! Stay tuned for the first dates and new split from RENOUNCED and DROWN on Harm Reduction Records later this year!

A young act with several prior EPs and comp inclusions on their résumé, DISCOURSE‘s rib-snapping delivery is finally fully realized on their first full-length release: The ten tracks on “Sanity Decays” elevate Discourse’s sound to new levels, boasting a refreshing metal/hardcore hybrid citing the likes of purveyors Turmoil, Indecision and Buried Alive with an approach that breathes punk rock energy with enraged, modern sensibilities.

RENOUNCED is a 5 piece metalcore band from the south of England. Few bands these days absolutely nail the sound they aim for, but Renounced proved they are know what they are doing with their 5 song demo which dropped in 2013. Fans of 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Poison The Well etc make sure you check their debut LP on CTW.

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