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Canadian punk rockers from D.O.A. will be doing 18 shows in Europe this Summer, including a stop at Fluff Fest! See the details below.

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D.O.A., those legendary punks, led by the Godfather of Hardcore Joe Shithead Keithley, are ready to barnstorm Europe. This summer The Men of Action take on the trendy, the staid, the ineffective and the lacking! Ha Ha ha! D.O.A. goes to Europe, it’s known for too many rules, too many traffic jams and waaaay too much pop music boredom, so enter the dragon, in the form of the world’s most political, kick ass punk band. Fuck yeah, that’s right, it’s D.O.A. 18 shows in 17 days this summer, it’s a funny fucking thing, they have not made band’s this tough in years (with all due respect to the Motorhead and Willie Nelson). So here we go again, D.O.A.’s ready to rip your face off, whether you like it or not! LOL Check out all dates below: better show up, never know when it will be last time!

Rust Never Sleeps, in other words, D.O.A. has a new line up. JOE SHITHEAD, when asked recently about line up changes, he was recently quoted “D.O.A. in a philosophical way is like REVOLUTION, were not going to stop until we get it right! And we won’t get it right until we change this world into a better place. So my friends we can never stop evolving and changing and we mean it man!!!” So we’ll cut to the chase: D.O.A.’s drummer Paddy Duddy and Joe are very happy to welcome aboard new bassist Mike Hodsall (BCDC, Circle The Wagons) As well D.O.A. bids a fond adieu to bassist Dirty Dan Sedan, one of Canada’s greatest bassist’s and a superb guy, we wish him all the best in life and music.

Joe Keithley wants to share with you a new 16 minute short film directed by his son Clayton, it’s called RUNNING IN THE DARK. Take a look, it’s quite good, you can see it here could be in for quite a career, as he’s getting started at S.F.U.’s cool film school this fall.

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D.O.A. European Tour 2014

Friday July 25th – Wild At Heart, Berlin, Germany
Saturday July 26th – Punk Rock Superbowl, Rosswein, Germany w/The Dictators
Sunday July 27th – Fluff Festival, Pilsen, Czech Republic
Monday July 28th – Sidro Club, Rimini, Italy
Tuesday July 29th – Festa Dell Unita, Canonica (Monza Brianza) Italy
Wednesday July 30th – Alte Hackerei, Karlsruhe, Germany
Thursday July 31st – Sedel, Luzern, Switzerland
Friday August 1st – AU, Frankfurt, Germany
Saturday August 2nd – UJZ Peine, Peine, Germany w/ Agent Orange
Sunday August 3rd – Panic Room, Essen, Germany
Monday August 4th – Brigant, Arnhem, Netherlands 
Tuesday August 5th – Joe Shithead Keithley plays D.O.A. unplugged acoustic show, Hafenklang, Germany w/ Agent Orange
Wednesday August 6th – Blitz, Oslo, Norway
Thursday August 7th – Way Out Festival, Gothenborg, Sweden
Friday August 8th – Copenhagen, Denmark – venue TBA
Saturday August 9th – Ieper Festival, Ieper, Belgium
Sunday August 10th – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool, U.K.
*Joe Shithead Keithley to play an acoustic show as well

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