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DOG EAT DOG share new video for “Never Give In”

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In a time of social decay and rising tensions, crossover legends Dog Eat Dog make a powerful return to the spotlight with their new single “Never Give In,” which was launched today on their official YouTube channel. The track, featuring big guitars, pounding drums, and an uplifting saxophone melody, serves as a rallying cry for unity and courage.

The single is from their highly-anticipated new studio albumFree Radicals,’ scheduled for release on October 20th via Metalville Records.

The message in “Never Give In” could not be more timely, emphasizing the need to stand together and advocate for one’s beliefs in a rapidly changing society. Collaborating with DJ Plash on turntables, the song seamlessly blends hip-hop and metal elements, reinvigorating Dog Eat Dog’s signature sound for a post-pandemic world. The track aims to galvanize listeners to stand up against various forms of oppression.


After focusing mainly on live performances for a considerable period, Dog Eat Dog’s return to the studio with ‘Free Radicals’ is nothing short of explosive. The 14-track album maintains the band’s essential elements while venturing into new musical territories. Singles like “Lit Up,” “Never Give In,” and “Man’s Best Friend” offer the catchy choruses and groovy beats that the band is known for. At the same time, tracks like “Bar Down” indicate a willingness to explore beyond familiar boundaries.

Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog

Since their inception, Dog Eat Dog’s unique approach to combining different genres has made them a seminal act in the crossover music scene. Their upcoming album ‘Free Radicals’ is an amalgamation of tones, moods, and dynamics, backed by the band’s ever-present energy and positive outlook.

The cover artwork, designed by Marcos Cabrera, and the diverse tracklisting hint at an album that is both groundbreaking and rooted in the band’s iconic style.

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