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DON’T SLEEP (Dave Smalley of DAG NASTY, ALL, DOWN BY LAW, DYS) share “Promise Made” video

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Don’t Sleep, the melodic hardcore / punk rock band led by legendary punk rock vocalist Dave Smalley, has just released the first single and video off their upcoming album ‘See Change.’ Titled “Promise Made,” the single showcases the band’s signature sound and marks their return to the punk scene.

Set to be released on June 2 via End Hits Records, the album features a lineup of talented musicians, including Garrett Rothman on bass, Jim Bedorf on drums, and guitarists Tom McGrath and Tony Bavaria.

The song “Promise Made” a tribute to hardcore, which is more than just notes, as it represents taking care of each other and making things better one day at a time, against all odds.

Hardcore punk has refined and shaped individuals, making them more resilient, and Smalley sees it as a promise that hardcore lifers continue to uphold. Although listening to other genres is valuable, punk rock and hardcore remain the foundation of the lifers’ identity, as it has helped them grow from putty into steel.

The song is a grown-up continuation of this idea, a love song to hardcore. The music video depicts the life of a young band, Fear of Failure, as they prepare for a big show in their hometown. It includes a cameo appearance from Tony Bavaria and Garrett Rothman, members of Don’t Sleep, the band that Dave Smalley founded in 2017 with fellow east coast punk rockers.

The band decided to release their second full-length album, “See Change,” despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. The album combines elements from Smalley’s past music, yet sounds incredibly contemporary, with the Grammy award-winning team of Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland producing the album.

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Don’t Sleep’s “See Change” album is a testament to their shared chemistry, and it features something for all Smalley and punk fans, and the production sounds very modern. The album is also full of lyrical inspiration, which is typical of Dave Smalley’s style.

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