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DRIPPING TREES share “Sea of Ants”, an immersive folk-infused post-rock track about a dystopian world characterized by artificial immortality

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Dripping Trees has opted for a sonically immersive experience, one that explores the depths of skulking, slow-burning dynamics, eerie gospel tones, and rustic, cob-webbed grandeur. Having undergone extensive experimentation, the band found itself at odds with its own dramatic tendencies, deliberately suspending disbelief like a poorly-scripted reality show. However, with their latest single “Sea of Ants,” the band has embodied a new direction, paving the way for their post-2021 debut album “Fuel of Mankind.”

The track is both pure and raw, while also retaining the essential drama and dynamics that have come to define Dripping Trees. “Sea of Ants” tells the story of an imaginary world in which mankind has achieved artificial immortality, but with disastrous consequences.

In this video we see footage of a young woman (Tara Nieuwenhuizen) in a grey and abandoned building awaiting the apocalypse, while dancing. This creates an atmosphere that emphasizes the beauty of demise.

A visual story that complements the melancholic atmosphere of Sea of Ants. “Our bass player Stef Leijten came up with the idea for the music video. Luckily, we were able to realize the music video because we have some amazing friends, starting with Joep van Uden who produced and edited the music video. Our frontman Koen Ruijs had a connection with Tara, who did an amazing performance on the set. Lastly, I knew some friends who live in an almost empty office building. It suited perfect as scenery for the video. All in all it turned out really great.” – comments the band’s bassist Stef van der Wielen.

The song has been expertly produced by JJJ Sielcken and masterfully mastered by Pieter Kloos.

Dripping Trees is composed of a group of talented individuals who each bring their own unique sound and style to the table. Koen Ruijs, who handles guitar and vocal duties, possesses a powerful voice that resonates with a haunting quality. Stijn Luijk is a skilled drummer with an ear for harmonies, while also providing strong vocal support. Stef van der Wielen, another talented guitarist, adds layers of complexity and nuance to the band’s sound. Finally, Stef Leijten rounds out the group on bass, providing a steady and driving foundation that holds everything together. Together, these four individuals form an unstoppable force, creating music that is both hauntingly beautiful and powerfully intense.

Van der Wielen tells us: “With this song we make clear what our intensions are for the future. Pure, raw and fragile, while simultaneously keeping the drama and dynamics in its sight.” The song narrates about an imaginary world in which mankind has achieved artificial immortality, with disastrous consequences.

“The lyrics and chord progression for this song are written by our drummer Stijn Luijk. For Sea of Ants he was inspired by nineties slowcore bands such as Codeine and Idaho.” Dripping Trees worked out the song together when they were on a writing weekend during the pandemic. “Yeah that was fun. We rented a small house on a holiday park and converted it into a home studio. It was winter and Covid was at its peak, so the entire park was empty except for us and the neighbouring house, which gave it an eerie vibe. Luckily, our neighbours were having fun either way so on some demos you can hear children laughing in the background, pretty cool.”

For the recording of both singles Dripping Trees decided to team up with producer Jurriaan Sielcken. “We wanted something different. Jurriaan came on our radar because we knew the music of Aestrid, the band he is part of. Their music is really cool and fits with ours. I think we are like-minded people. Jurriaan also recorded for some promising names in the Dutch indie scene, so he knows what he is doing. For the recording he also brought in Bo Menning, the frontman of Aestrid. Those recording days were the beginning of a nice friendship between bands. Some shows of the tour will also be together with Aestrid, which I am really glad about because we all really respect them as musicians and persons.”

Besides the release of Sea of Ants, Dripping Trees will also release a second single called “Stray” on April 28th. “With Sea of Ants and Stray we want to lay the foundation for our future. The ambition is to continue on this path and eventually release our second album. We still have many ideas!” says Van der Wielen.

Dripping Trees will play some shows in The Netherlands to support the release of Sea of Ants and Stray.

The upcoming dates are:

01-04 Slachthuis Haarlem
06-04 Hedon (These go to Eleven) Zwolle
22-04 Waaghals Arnhem
13-05 Come out & Play Festival Oss
14-05 Stroomhuis Eindhoven

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