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“Driving Blind” through memory lane: SAVINGS’ new single and emo pop punk inspirations uncovered

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SAVINGS, the emo alt rockes from Albuquerque, mark today with the release of their latest single “Driving Blind“. Since 2021, under the leadership of Sam Wilmott, the band has been a standout act in the ABQ scene, consistently delivering explosive emo tracks with pop punk inclinations—a mix that has yet to fail them. “Driving Blind” follows in this successful tradition, released independently like their previous works.

Their tracks frequently feature on Spotify playlists such as The Scene and Emo Right Now, earning widespread listener acclaim.

Driving Blind” was conceived during the recording sessions for their EP “Get Well Soon”. Although the track did not fit into the EP, the band maintained strong belief in its potential as a standalone single. The song explores the theme of reflecting on a past life and a former version of oneself, unrecognizable in the present.

For this track, SAVINGS drew significant inspiration from bands like Jimmy Eat World and Arms Length, weaving these influences into their unique sound while continuing to refine and develop their musical identity.

This commitment to authenticity and growth, coupled with a diverse range of musical inspirations—from MOVEMENTS’ “Ruckus” to KNUCKLE PUCK’s “Losing What We Love”, and beyond—highlights SAVINGS’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of emo and pop punk.


The band has teamed up with us and has cited a diverse range of bands and albums as their inspirations for their own music.

Here’s a breakdown of the artists and albums that have influenced SAVINGS, with a brief commentary per ech pick.

Movements – Ruckus

“Ruckus” was one the albums where all five of us loved EVERY track on the record front to back. Collectively our favorite is “I Hope You Choke!” or “Tightrope”

Losing What We Love- Knuckle Puck

Nick chose this one, but a lot of us really jammed this album when it came out. Band favorite from it is either “Fool” or “The Tower”.

Freak Of Nature – Heart Attack Man

FON was easily one of Sam’s fav albums of the year, and getting to see them on their tour run for this album was more than a privilege. Easy 10/10 album for me.

I Miss You Already + I Haven’t Even Left Yet – Del Water Gap

Another choice from Sam but after hearing his self titled album from the year prior, a lot of us were super stoked about this one coming out and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Suicide and Sunshine – Trophy Eyes

This was another album where all of us absolutely loved this album through and through, an honorary fav from it was either “OMW” or “Blue Eyed Boy”. This album was such a good mix of their old and new work, easily their best album in some of our opinions lol.

Always Cloudy – Saturdays At Your Place

Sayp was one of our favorite bands to blow up this year and watching them get all of their recognition was extremely cool to see. This project did not disappoint, and we’re stoked to continue to watch them grow.

You Look Like a Stranger – Mat Kerekes

Dawson chose this one and its no secret we pull a lot of influence from him vocal wise and melody wise. This album showed so much of his range and dynamics in comparison to his work in citizen.

Self Defeater – Post Profit

Brian chose this one, we recently got into this band this year and love the shoegaze influence on the record and how they set themselves apart from the crowd. Fav song off of it “Two Toxic”.

Calling The Dogs – Citizen

This album was such a variety of their range of sound. Citizen didn’t hold back on this record and to watch them continue to expirement with new sounds was super refreshing and encouraging at the same time as we continue to develop our own sound as a band. Favs off the album are “Lay Low” or “When I Let You Down”.

Sunburn – Dominic Fike

Sam and Robby have been listening to Dominic Fike for as long as they can remember, and being able to watch Dominic Fike gain all of the success he deserves is a huge privilege. This album is the perfect amount indie and just as much the same unique sound we all love from Dominic Fike. Favs from this record are “Think Fast” or “7 Hours”.

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