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Dutch garage punk rockers CLOUDSURFERS share debut single “Surf the Cloud”

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Garage punk band CLOUDSURFERS have shared their debut single called Surf the Cloud, the first in a series of three singles, leading up to the release of the debut album Don’t Know What Hit Me, which will be brought to light in February.

2020 was off to a good start but it turned out challenging, this was no different for Cloudsurfers. Their agenda was almost fully booked after having only started in November 2019. They left a lasting impression at countless band battles, but their agenda got wiped clean mercilessly in March.

The band continued by working on their debut record, not in a studio but guerrilla-style in rehearsal rooms, because money is tight: a well-known problem for garage bands. 

Time after time they heard, as a young band, it would be better to work on singles and EPs but Cloudsurfers thought: ‘‘F*#k it, we’re doing an album’’. The result: Don’t Know What Hit Me.

The next single, Sweettooth, will be released in December.

Cloudsurfers garage band

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