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Instrumental prog rockers KING GARCIA support women refugees in Greece with new single “We Echo”

“In this sickening age, where police officers are allowed to murder citizens publicly, where refugees are left to drown in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea or stacked into concentration camps, in an age where fascists feel comfortable enough to use violence and roam free, we cannot create and remain indifferent.” – comment KING GARCIA, an instrumental rock quartet based in Athens, Greece. Inspired by old movies and hot summer days, King Garcia sings without lyrics while creating cinematic soundscapes that jump through genres. Their new offering “We Echo” was born in these hellish times and it is a hymn for all who stand against oppression.

“Amid this turbulence, we saw the I Can’t Breath movement reverberate and grow across the world like a roaring soundwave.” – comments the band: “We are super happy about it and we are donating all proceeds from Bandcamp to a local organization supporting women refugees here in Greece!”

We Echo is KING GARCIA’s 3rd single and it was recorded at Bombtrack studios, in Athens / GR. George Prokopiou was responsible for the mixing & mastering and Mark Nieuwenhuis performed and arranged the horn section in Amsterdam / NL. The song includes an excerpt from a speech Killer Mike from Run the Jewels gave live on TV, right after the Atlanta riots.

King Garcia


The artwork was created by Christos Kasimidis and NAPAN studio has been responsible for the creative direction.

All proceeds from the single’s sales on Bandcamp will go to DIOTIMA, a Centre for Research on Women’s Issues. More specifically, the funds will be donated to the section that implements various acts that prevent and cope with the gender-based violence against a really vulnerable group: the refugee women and girls.

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