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Echoes of Indie Pop: ABACOT’s accomplishes a melodious passage from despair to hope

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Emerging from the remnants of Commander Salamander, Claudio Benedi, now the creative heartbeat of Abacot, breathes life into a new musical vision. The metamorphosis has birthed the debut Promo 2023, a project encapsulating years of Benedi’s lived experiences, both bitter and sweet, and boldly transmutes them into a potent elixir of emotive storytelling.

“These three songs represent aspects of the worst three years of my life. From the trials and tribulations of owning a twenty-plus year old car, to setting hard boundaries with narcissists, and anxiety attacks manifested as a horror film villain. Though the overarching vibe is still somehow mostly optimistic.” – Claudio Benedi

Promo 2023, a collection of three raw and deeply introspective tracks, is officially out today. This collection is not merely an EP, but a narrative tapestry, each thread meticulously woven by Benedi to reflect life’s trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Aided by the skilled hand of Ryland Heagy from Origami Angel, the echoes of Benedi’s past band resonate through the vibrant emo pop, while striking a harmonious balance with the newer, more nuanced elements.

“I write and structure all my songs on guitar first. I brought these 3 to Ryland early this year who helped me flesh them out in demo form and then in finalized recordings. He played a massive support role in creating these songs every step of the way.” – Claudio Benedi

Each track offers a glimpse into Benedi’s journey over the past few years.

Check Engine Light” encapsulates the persisting challenges with a twenty-plus year old car, serving as a metaphor for life’s relentless obstacles. “Vertigo” stands as an open letter to those Benedi has had to distance from, invoking the necessary yet painful act of self-preservation. The final track, “Horror,” offers a riveting portrait of personal struggle, with anxiety personified as a chilling antagonist from a horror film.

Despite their somber themes, these tracks maintain an air of optimism, an enduring testament to Benedi’s resilience in the face of adversity. This nuanced interplay between desolation and hope is a defining characteristic of Abacot’s sound, and the essence of Benedi’s artistic spirit.

Abacot Album art

The unveiling of Abacot’s debut Promo 2023 will soon be followed by their inaugural live performance. The band, led by Benedi, will take to the stage as the opening act for Origami Angel in Washington, DC.

The journey of Abacot is just beginning, and with Promo 2023 serving as their launchpad, there is a palpable anticipation of what’s to come from a band that’s ready to carve out a unique space within the emo-pop landscape.


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