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“Sleepyhead” – FIDDLEHEAD share new single and music video, new album approaching

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Fiddlehead is back in the spotlight with the unveiling of their much-awaited third album, Death Is Nothing To Us, set to be released on August 18th through Run For Cover Records. They are celebrating this event by sharing their latest single “Sleepyhead.”

Death Is Nothing To Us represents the third and final installment of Fiddlehead’s thematic series, rounding off an impressive musical journey that marks this album as one of the most empowering and resonant rock offerings this year.

The track “Sleepyhead” succeeds the lead single “Sullenboy” (praised by Stereogum [Best Songs of The Week], Pitchfork, The FADER, BrooklynVegan, Uproxx, Revolver Magazine, and more), providing a tantalizing preview of the forthcoming album.

This towering composition is loaded with the explosive hardcore vitality and ’90s alternative hook-infused flair that Fiddlehead has perfected, prominently featuring vocalist Pat Flynn as he transitions from mournful melody to his renowned, full-throated roar.

Flynn shed some light on the new track, stating: “The song doesn’t necessarily have an uplifting lyrical undertone. I aimed to compose a piece that encapsulates the paralysis often accompanying deep depression. Essentially, it’s about shunning the fractured aspects of one’s life and opting for fleeting solace. The song hints at a dialogue between two minds or two individuals. The ‘Sleepyhead‘ is a sorrowful individual, disturbed by the world’s state, who chooses to escape reality through excessive sleep. But amid the melancholy, a voice of reason provides perspective – yet it’s futile, as both voices unite in resignation to the oppressive hold that a profound bout of depression can have on a person. I see the song as a critical part of the album’s arc, which ultimately depicts an emergence from such a desolate state. Perhaps that’s the silver lining.”

Fiddlehead by Pooneh Ghana
Fiddlehead by Pooneh Ghana

Fiddlehead’s second album, Between The Richness, captivated fans and critics, unexpectedly elevating the band as one of the most pivotal groups in contemporary rock music. Now, with Death Is Nothing To Us, vocalist Pat Flynn delves deeper into the complexities of grief and sorrow, with his naked vulnerability leading to an experience that is often joyous in its very humanity. The album showcases Fiddlehead’s most dynamic assortment of songs to date, each pushing further into the melodic and aggressive ends of their spectrum, while Flynn confronts challenging existential themes with an honesty that permeates each word.

Fiddlehead by Deanie Chen
Fiddlehead by Deanie Chen

“I don’t wish for people to romanticize grief and depression, including myself,” he expresses. “However, I wanted to write about how loss can breed persistent sadness in one’s life. I hadn’t planned on creating a thematic trilogy, but there’s a link to the first two records, and this album rounds out certain grief stages that were previously unaddressed–particularly the sticky residue that a depressive mindset can leave.” The lyrics in Death Is Nothing To Us skillfully dismiss the enchantment of sorrow with a precision and intensity that mirrors Fiddlehead’s music, producing one of the most captivating albums you’ll encounter this year.

Death Is Nothing To Us is scheduled for release on 08/18 via Run For Cover Records.

Sleepyhead Lyrics:

Prozac and Xanax- all good drugs I ignore,
along with the pain of the world,
and how it likes to hurt,
and all the tasks I can’t get through.

You see a light and I see dark,
depressed sad and stark
life’s cold reality
of endless suffering.
We’re born only to weep.
So I escape in sleep.

‘Sleep it all away to heaven. Sleep it all the way to hell.
Sleep it all away but know you’re not locked in a cell.”

Sleep it all away from the pain only drugs can treat.

“So lay down, stay down, breakdown in your bed.”

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