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EDHOCHULI streaming their new record “Dream Warriors” in full!

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Edhochuli are now streaming their record Dream Warriors in full! With the full album now available to stream, EDHOCHULI can showcase every element they pack into their genre bending release. From hardcore to punk rock, metal to stoner rock, EDHOCHULI explore the boundaries of music throughout Dream Warriors. Dream Warriors is set to be released October 30th via A-F Records. Pre-orders are available now via A-F Records.

“”Edhochuli pride themselves on the live experience. They strive to be loud…to force those at their shows to pay attention to the moment they’re in. Sonically, our approaches are different, but our agendas are tremendously similar, creating real relationships and real community through the shows, the touring, the records. For me as a “producer” on their record my job was pretty easy. I littered them with microphones. I tried to capture their nuance. To show that even in their most loud and aggressive moments they still have melody. “There is beauty.”

The safe/easy thing is to call them a hardcore band, but they have elements of all of my favorite musical genres: metal bands like Darkest Hour, punk bands like Strike Anywhere, Quicksand like moments. Again, my role was to coax out those influences and make sure the mics didn’t blow out from how loud they shared them.” – Chris (#2) Barker, Producer.

“Edhochuli is an epic band filled with some of the greatest human beings I’ve ever known.  Ideologically, they represent everything that every punk band should aspire to be.  They make their own rules and have been forging fresh new musical ground in a genre that, for years, has been an ouroboros at best.  Their sound can’t be boxed in to any one (or five) specific genres, but if I was going to attempt it, I’d say they sound like accidentally taking the wrong drugs at a Thin Lizzy concert.”   -Chris Stowe, A-F Records

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