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EDHOCHULI streaming new track “Four Nice Haircuts, Then We End It”

EDHOCHULI are streaming “Four Nice Haircuts, Then We End It,” the opening track to their new album Dream Warriors, via Substream Magazine. “Four Nice Haircuts, Then We End It” is the third single released off of their new record Dream Warriors, set to be released October 30th via A-F Records. With the release of this song, “Erase The Past,” and “Useless Muse,” Edhochuli showcase the range of heaviness they inhabit. With a little hardcore, a little metal, some prog rock and a little punk rock for good measure, Dream Warriors is an exercise in pushing the boundaries of music. Pre-orders of the record are available now via A-F Records.

“Edhochuli is an epic band filled with some of the greatest human beings I’ve ever known.  Ideologically, they represent everything that every punk band should aspire to be.  They make their own rules and have been forging fresh new musical ground in a genre that, for years, has been an ouroboros at best.  Their sound can’t be boxed in to any one (or five) specific genres, but if I was going to attempt it, I’d say they sound like accidentally taking the wrong drugs at a Thin Lizzy concert.”   -Chris Stowe, A-F Records

For the entirety of the 6 years Edhochuli have been making music together, they’ve been pushing the boundaries of the musical community that they’ve grown up with and challenging themselves and one another at every turn. Their roots lie deeply in the underground of the Western Pennsylvania Punk and Hardcore scenes, where they’ve been active members for well over a decade. They are well-seasoned veterans in the touring game, having played upward of 600 shows spanning the entire continental USA, Canada, and Mexico.
Edhochuli was formed out of mutual respect for one another’s musical tastes and abilities as well as a bond of trust to always test the confines of one’s own ideals and comfort zones, inside of, as well as outside of the box of musical creativity. Most importantly, each member considers the others to be absolute best friends, and all share readiness and great love for the trials of being a touring band. While it is abundantly clear upon listening to and watching the band perform that they take themselves seriously as musicians, it is generally accepted among friends and peers that they are also pleasant company, always up for having good times and sharing without pretense.
Produced by Chris (#2) Barker, the bands 6 song epic “Dream Warriors” is drenched in the sweat of every basement show.  It’s passionate music that lives only in it’s own moment, outside the confines of a genre. Combining masterful playing and vocals concerning social issues delivered with an abstract yet urgent approach, it is designed to rip you out of your complacent existence and bring you back to life.
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