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Emo indie rockers COOL LIVING teasing oustanding debut album – coming up via 7 different labels this September

Slated for a September release via Konglomerat Kollektiv (GER), i.corrupt.records (GER), Saltamarges (ESP), Sad React (DK), Shalosh Cult (ISR) & Fresh Outbreak (ITA), Unlock Yourself (RUS), COOL LIVING’s debut album Adult Contemporary is incredibly misleading in so many ways. With intimidating accuracy the band’s 90s-Emo-Indie-Rock hits that sweet spot somewhere between nostalgia and an intense awareness of the moment that goes best with the cathartic melancholy of an long lonely bus ride just when you need it.

But Adult Contemporary is so much more than the perfect inoffensive soundtrack. It’s the entire Anthology Film that starts playing on the back of your eyelids the second you lower them.

“The German three-piece manages to pull from the Americana punk of bands like Spanish Love Songs and Big Loser and fits that into the emo-punk framework of ’90s titans like Split Lip and Texas Is the Reason. It makes for a thrilling combination–in a time when emo can mean everything or nothing, Cool Living throws it back a little bit and creates a sound that feels new.” – Get Alternative

Lyrically, COOL LIVING trade in the kind of moments that are often intangible and yet so familiar. They paint pictures with that special mixture of poetic abstractness, utter sincerity and just a spoonful of Americana that makes your favorite Indie movie feel like you’ve lived it yourself.

“I’m a hot mess dancing in refrigerator light, I can blow up in the colors of your favorite sports team if you like.”

Cool Living

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