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Emo pop punk rockers 5EVER streaming new 3D video for “Trashpit”

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5EVER is a five piece emo-pop punk outfit from Boston, MA. The band aims to make a splash with their new upcoming EP, Forever. Throughout their debut EP, the band delivers catchy melodies over fun and bouncy guitar leads to get a sound reminiscent of mid-2000s neon Warped Tour scene.

Inspired by influences such as The Academy Is…, Forever The Sickest Kids to the Jonas Brothers and 5SOS listeners are bound to hear something they can vibe to! 5ever’s debut effort will be available on all streaming services this September.

“The Trashpit 3D video is funny cause it started as just wanting a spinning version of our new logo” – comments the band’s Alex Pickert. “And while getting to know a complete stranger I met on IG named Ryan Donahue (@ryansgreymatter) and turned into a lyric video.”

“I was a huge fan on his work on his IG and I slid into his DMs. We became friends while DMing about the logo and morphed it into this idea of creating a spinning 3D trash pit. Everyone from the band is represented in some way by the trash we had in our own apartments or funny things we think belong in the trash. Ryan made this happen with a list of things like used Juul pods, soda cans, old demo CDs from our alter-ego country metal band “Corn Weed”, med containers, Bold & Brash, Monster Energy and of course that worthless Grammy award. We could watch Ryan’s work for hours so we’re so stoked we got to work with him! We hope your dig the 3D lyric video and start to get to know 5ever through our trash floating in a pink void.”

5EVER band min

5EVER is:

Sam Nazaretian (They / Them / He Him) – Vocals (other bands Cheem + Bowling Shoes)
Mateo Garcia (He/ Him) – Guitar (other groups Gauntly, ex Leaner, Kind Being)
Chance Wells (He / Him) – Bass / Vocals (other groups Oldsoul + Perfect Saturday)
Tyler Dack (He / Him) – Guitar / Vocals (ex – Juneva)
Alex Pickert (He / Him) – Drums (ex Yeehaw!, Animal Flag, Leaner)

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