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Emo post hardcore icons ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES re-release third and final record, “Sirens”, announce reunion show! [UPDATE]

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Three years after our special interview here on IDIOTEQ, we’re pleased to report that Long Island, New York emotional post hardcore icons ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES are back with a brand new reissue of their now classic album “Sirens“, released originally in September 2003 via Revelation Records.

The band has partnered with Dead Broke Rekerds and Revelation Records to release it on vinyl. This reissue includes three distinct limited edition colors, fresh artwork by their comrade Jason Lubrano from Iron Chic, and remixed and remastered sounds by the album’s original producer, Ethan Dussault. The updated “Sirens” is now streaming on all platforms.

Emo post hardcore icons ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES 1 min

The new offering features brand new, great soundng masters of all 11 tracks and coes with an original artwork. More details on the new release will be updated later today. Check back for more details.

In other exciting news, the band is reuniting for a special performance at Brooklyn Monarch on September 29th. Rachel Rubino from Open City and Bridge and Tunnel will join them on vocals, while Tom Tierney from Tidal Arms and Julie Christmas will play guitar.

“We could not have chosen two better humans to carry on the spirit of Jason Rosenthal (RIP), as they have been in the OTMOP orbit for many years and he loved and respected both of them very much.” – comments the band.

Emo post hardcore icons ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES

“We want to thank each and every one of you who continue to listen and support the band after all of these years. Your heartrfelt comments and messages mean the world to us, and we would not be doing this if there were no hearts and ears to play to. With Jason’s passing now being 10 years ago, we 100% know that he would be beyond grateful of what the band has become to all of you.” – they add.

The original album had the potential to become the definitive work in the Post-Hardcore and/or Emo genres, much like OK Computer did for its time. The level of sonic experimentation was remarkable, resulting in a collection of epic, atmospheric instrumentals and straightforward rock that was nothing short of a masterpiece.

Sirens was recorded at the prestigious New Alliance Studio in Boston, MA, which has also produced works by Cave In and ISIS. On The Might Of Princes have been creating their own unique sound since 1998, characterized by a fusion of melody and technical complexity that is intertwined through dramatic guitar progressions, fast leads, and a tight rhythm section, all complemented by their introspective lyrics.

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