YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES by Ross Ribblett (@rossribblett on Instagram)
YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES by Ross Ribblett (@rossribblett on Instagram)
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Emo rockers YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES share “Numb Sum”, an anthem for healthcare reform in America

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Following their groundbreaking debut LP, “Not Once, Not Never,” released through the esteemed Broken World Media label in 2016, the ethereal soundscapes of Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes appeared to dissipate into the vast echoes of the emo revival. However, rising from the ashes with an indomitable spirit, the band has resurfaced, announcing their triumphant return with a momentous signing to the renowned Really Rad Records. Their resurgent presence is accompanied by the release of a captivating lead single, “Numb Sum.”

“Numb Sum” stands as a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to addressing the pressing issue of comprehensive healthcare in America.

The song’s poignant lyrics delve into the intimate struggles experienced by songwriter Dan Hagendorf within the confines of the flawed American healthcare system. Echoing their personal journey, the track confronts the financial burdens and societal challenges faced by individuals in their quest for adequate medical treatment. Through their music, Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes dares to challenge conventional norms surrounding health and worthiness, shining a searing spotlight on the urgent need for change.

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With that context, you might expect that the album is a product of its circumstances, full of the same frustration, despair, and anticapitalist rage that must have encapsulated its creation. And while those elements are certainly present, YY1KXY taps into something much deeper, something counterintuitive: hope. In spite of all evidence to the contrary, YY1KXY wants you to know that optimism is not only possible, but the ultimate act of rebellion against a system designed to make you give up before you even start.

Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes will be releasing their sophomore LP on June 20th via Really Rad Records.

YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES by Ross Ribblett (@rossribblett on Instagram)
YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES by Ross Ribblett (@rossribblett on Instagram)

Vocalist/songwriter Dan Hagendorf on the single: “America needs real health care, America needs to invest in its citizens’ physical and mental health, eat the rich.

Throughout 2017-2019, I was experiencing a number of tough but still all-too-common health issues, including struggling with depression, debilitating stomach pain, and a very freaky/idiosyncratic/subtle rib injury that stemmed from fracturing one of my ribs when I was 14. I was spending a lot of resources–money and time off from work–to investigate and attempt to remediate these health issues, especially the rib issue. After half a year of going to doctors to figure out the rib issue, a sports medicine abdominal specialist told me his best guess for treatment was rib surgery that cost $35k and is considered “cosmetic surgery” by insurance companies. I started feeling like my body was telling me I wasn’t supposed to be alive, like I couldn’t afford to get better and needed to just accept that. The outro lyrics “And you are exactly who you’re supposed to be, supposed to be…” are a reminder to myself and everyone experiencing extensive health issues that you are worthy of life, you’re supposed to be here, there’s nothing inherently wrong with you just because you don’t fit society’s general definition of “healthy,” and it’s not your fault that the American healthcare system so intimately ties financial stability to whether or not you can receive proper care.”

YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES by Ross Ribblett (@rossribblett on Instagram)
YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES by Ross Ribblett (@rossribblett on Instagram)

Upcoming Dates:

7/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Pottery Gym
7/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Sundown Bar
7/17 – New Haven, CT @ Black Barrel Records
7/18 – Boston, MA @ Deep Cuts
7/19 – Providence, RI @ TBD
7/20 – Albany, NY @ Troy Speakeasy
7/21 – Akron, OH @ It’s A Kling Thing
7/22 – Columbus, OH @ Half Baked

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