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SAVAGE RAVAGE: forging a fiery path through the metal realm

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Hailing from the vibrant city of Sofia, Bulgaria, Savage Ravage has been a thing for an impressive 14 years. Rooted in their unwavering passion for (death) metal, this formidable band has graced countless stages across their homeland, immersing themselves in the pulsating energy of the metal, hardcore, and punk scenes. And now, after more than a decade of exhilarating live performances, they are poised to unleash their long-awaited debut album upon the world.

Formed by a group of school-mates in primary school back in 2009, Savage Ravage emerged as a sonic powerhouse, driven by their shared love for the genre. Refusing to be confined by labels, they proudly proclaim themselves as a “metal” band, a testament to the breadth and intensity of their sound that defies categorization.

At the core of Savage Ravage’s sonic assault stand the talented trio of Tancho Tanchev, skillfully wielding the guitar; Bojidar Ivanov, relentlessly pounding the drums; and Alexander Benev, delivering thunderous basslines while unleashing guttural vocals. Together, they form an unstoppable musical entity that has captivated audiences across Bulgaria and beyond.

Though their live performances have become legendary, it is only this year that Savage Ravage entered the studio to record their debut album, marking a momentous milestone in their journey. Set to be released in June, this highly anticipated opus will serve as a testament to their dedication and growth.

Savage Ravage

One standout track from the forthcoming album is “Claire,” which has already captivated listeners with its relentless energy and raw power. The opening riff, intriguingly, dates back a decade, showcasing Savage Ravage’s approach to songwriting.

Their songs are meticulously crafted, seamlessly blending old and new riffs to create a sonic tapestry that is both familiar and exhilarating. Each riff, carefully selected, is treated with reverence, ensuring that no repetition occurs within the confines of a single composition. Some of the sonic lightnings, deemed too exceptional to be confined to a single moment, resurface throughout their musical tapestry, while others are destined to leave an indelible mark in a single, glorious burst of sonic intensity.

In crafting the music video,” Savage Ravage entrusted co-directors Vassil Valery Vitanov and Teodor Fichev, who also handled the camera work. The duo possess a deep understanding of Savage Ravage’s essence, injecting their creative vision into the video.

Following the release of “Claire,” Savage Ravage has more sonic offerings in store for their devoted fans. A second single, set to be unveiled at the beginning of June, will serve as a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic landscape of their forthcoming album. And in mid-June, the world will bear witness to the full release.

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