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Emotive indie singer-songwriter THE BOY AND THE TELE drops new EP of mixed alt rock moods; listen!

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With “space travel”, the Budapest basedsinger-songwriter has made his most cohesive, yet somehow more varied record yet. Based on an idea of an imagined story of a spacetravel with his son, Máté has managed to craft an engaging set of 4 tracks that balance vulnerability, softness, as well as creative, dynamic might. Today, we’re giving you the full stream of the record, along with Máté’s special commentary below.

“The whole idea behind the EP came to me when noodling around with my guitar one day, for some reason the title ‘space travel’ was the first thing that appeared in my mind.” – says Máté. “I wanted to write some songs based on the idea or story that I am travelling with my son on a spaceship. I am not sure what is it, with me and space, but I have always been into these kind of things, whether it was a movie or a book related even vaguely to space, aliens or any weird sounds that reminded me something unearthly. I don’t know…”

Continued below…

“Anyways, I started writing songs and kept digesting this title, what other “meanings” can I find in it. The obvious is of course bumping on a spaceship and flying into the unkown. But for me, space travel can also mean having a trip in our own mind, which also has some undiscovered elements. And then I found myself thinking about all the achievements of the human species and all the costs we payed for this greatness. So, even if the songs ended up not necessarily about me and my son on a spaceship, the main idea or message is about what humanity’s state currently in the world that we live in “through my glasses”.

– Máté

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