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“Dead Roads” – Brooklyn based sludgy rock duo KING-MOB premiere noisy new EP; listen!

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Recorded amidst the pandemic in 2020 at Kirton Farms Studio in Upstate New York with Jeremy Backofen (Felice Bros), “Dead Roads” EP from KING-MOB comes as a stirring sonic experiement crafted with an avant garde and psych approach. Blending heavy sludgy sound with some distorted vocals and noisy drum loops, the record draws influence from early Dead Meadow, Link Wray, or Hendrix, and today we’re pleased to give you its first full lsiten below!

Started by artist Aodhan O’Reilly, well known contributor to many bands in the 2000’s local scene of northern Brooklyn, KINGMOB is completed by drummer Gabe Katz. The duo shared their thoughts on each and every track from the EP and you can check out the full rundown below.

Stomp and Shiver – This song started with a very simple 808 beat which when cut up, reversed and time stretched created the pulse and heartbeat of this tune. The wailing, siren-like sound that starts the tune is made with a slide guitar, volume pedal and delay pedals. The minimalist, tight and heavy drum phrasing is influenced by early Swans, the guitar parts and melodies by Junior Kimbrough

Dead Roads – The name of this track is borrowed from the William Burroughs novel, the lyrical content, although not front and center in the mix, is influenced by “Our Lady of the Flowers” by Genet, which I was reading at the time.

The drum loop, which opens the track, was inspired by some MIA records I was really into last year, also “Real Gone” era Tom Waits, and the distorted shakers are a kind of oblique take on Bo Diddley.

Clandestino Quartet – This is the only instrumental track on the record, and the only one without live drums. Although it has a glitchy, choppy feeling it is actually made up of 4 separate guitar parts all more or less pre-composed and played in a series of overdubs. Then the addition of another old drum machine, with a big cheesy 80s reverb on the kick.

King Kaiten – For the last track we really tried to create an atmosphere, like a dark, futuristic surf sound. It’s also got aspects of Link Wray who is a big influence on the band.

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