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Energetic melodic punks HEART A TACT drop new EP; offer a track-by-track breakdown

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We’ve seen a bunch of bands exhausting the melodic hardcore formula throughout the last 2 decades, but thankfully there are many brave acts that flirt with a more mainstream rock vibes and help to kickstart some vitality back into the musically generic genre, without losing the youthful exuberance, intensity and passion. The newest EP from Zwickau, Germany’s HEART A TACT combines all the goodness of the uplifiting subgenre of hardcore punk with a catchy pop-punk rhythms, rock sensibilities, and catchy yet heavy riffs. The band executes it flawlessly and we’re pleased to team up with one of their labels, Hasiok Records, and the band themselves, for a full track-by-track breakdown, explaining the reasons and influences for the lyrics.

Connect The Disconnected” by HEART A TACT is out now via Hasiok Records and Melodic Punk Style.



Everything has it`s time. The old man that I am, I have seen a lot of people passing by already. People that I love, friends of mine or even people I just knew. So this song deals with the fact that everthing is coming to an end. We all leave this world with our feet first. One sooner,one later. As I grow older and especially since my child was born I spent more and more time thinking about death and how to seize my time. – Uwe

At First Sight

I am a music addict. Music has always been in my life as long as I can remember. When I got more into the hardcore/punkrock/metal scene its impact on my life has grewn stronger and stronger.
Music enriches the life of us all. It guides us through good and bad times. Sometimes when I´m listening to certain songs it reminds me how I felt when I was younger. Music is why I´m
playing in this band, travel around, meet new people and have fun with my dearest friends. This song is about our very first love: Music. – Uwe

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Heart A Tact


Everybody knows this situation. Your parents, teacher or coach want you to do things that you might not understand and you are not willing to do. It feels like you are losing your mind. Maybe one day when you are older you recognize that these people almost wanted the best for you. Today I am a father too and sometimes I feel like I`m repeating the same mistakes like my parents did. You got to learn that you can`t protect your child from the world. You have to let go. We all have to learn from mistakes.- Uwe


„Puppets“ is a very critical song, written from the heart of young people who deal with the limitations of our society and especially with the guidance through our system. It should demonstrate that life is more than the system expects us to do and to be. Our young generations need to find their own values and ways. – Annalena


This song is a typicall love song. It shows a situation when people yearn after something new and want to break free. In this moment they meet someone who gives them this kind of freedom and renewal, but this person is more of a stranger to them and maybe will stay. This song kind of deals with love over distance or unrequited love. – Annalena

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HEARTA TACT live by Björn Lasse Lassen
HEART A TACT live by Björn Lasse Lassen

Break me, Try it

„Break me, Try it“ is one of our „get up“ songs, even if it doesn´t seem so at first sight. We want everyone to discover and use their own strength that they bear inside. Even after dark times we´re all able to get up! And even in this society, with so much hate, nobody should and can be able to break us. This song should encourage all these people who are down, to give a huge „fuck you“ to all these loveless people and to all these unlightful times and to live their own mental and physical strength! – Annalena


This is not based on a true story. It´s a sad occurence but it`s only fictional. This song is about one of the mankind´s biggest weakness. We all know what went wrong with human kind, but only a few care. Most of us, and that`s sad to say, including me are not very dedicated to make this world a better place. Apathy is the reason why this world is such a sick place. I really take a bow for people who sacrifice their lifes to give help to the needy. – Uwe


„Hibernation“ deals with the situation of a child/teenager- in this case me- who has never met its father. The song demonstrates the yearning after one single conversation and the opportunity to look its father in the eyes. But he never gave this chance and for some years he is also dead now. Now the teenager looks in the mirror and recognizes that it looks like him, that everything that it is, is also a part of its father. And with that, it bears the same feelings and legacy and will fall into a hibernation- a metaphor for a state of apathy towards life- until they´ll meet some day. – Annalena


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