EVERY STRANGER LOOKS LIKE YOU streaming their new album in full!

EVERY STRANGER LOOKS LIKE YOU, a three piece grunge/hardcore band from Brussels, Belgium, is streaming their new record “Life In The Abyss” in full! The record will be officially out on June on 12″ vinyl and is mastered by Carl Saff (TOUCHE AMORE / SUIS LA LUNE / SELF DEFENSE FAMILY). It sounds really fresh and amazing. Highly recommended!

Every Stranger Looks Like You is a 3 piece grunge/hardcore band from Brussels.

Their debut EP “Cursed Soul/Golden Heart“, mastered by Carl Saff (Touché Amoré, Suis La Lune, Bass Drum Of Death,…) was received with a wide array of positive reviews, and word of their strong live performances quickly spread and got them to share the stage with names such as Listener (USA), Hotel Books (USA), The Shrine (USA), Dead Harts (UK), Hindsights (UK) & Goodtime Boys (UK) just to name a few.

After having toured Germany and played numerous shows in Belgium the self proclaimed “$ludge Megazord” just finished recording their second EP “Life In The Abyss” which is scheduled for release in april 2014.

Every Stranger Looks Like You is, more than anything else, 3 friends who, united by their passion for weed and ponies, can’t seem to grow up. / official bio

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