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Every punk needs to read this…

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“Every punk needs to read this” is a new project from, a collection of written experiences are being compiled to raise awareness of sexism, misogyny, abuse, assaults, harassment, and generally creepy behaviour within the global Punk Rock scene.

If you have something to say regarding the above, this completely anonymous platform will enable you to share your story (or stories) without an unwelcome spotlight being placed on you. No story is too big or small – each one has a place here.

“The PDF, entitled ‘Every Punk Needs To Read This’ is set for release on 30th August at This will be heavily promoted during the live Tom Sings: Modern Skate Punk online session, where I’m expecting a substantial audience, largely made up of members of the 50 bands I’m covering across 2-3 hours.” – Tom West (Almeida)

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