Ex-HOPESFALL members form a new band

Jay Forrest (vocals) and Jason Trabue (drums) of HOPESFALL have joined Maxwell Stevens of NIDUS EXPIRE in a new band called SUNFLOWERS OF MAYHEM.

The official description:

2 x Hopesfall + 1.25 x Nidus Expire = SOM (Sunflowers Of Mayhem)
Jason Trabue, our pal Maxwell Stevens, and I, Jay Forrest, are embarking on a musical endeavor. Sunflowers of Mayhem will be posting updates, sound-clips, photographs, and general nonsense depicting the personality of our project. The writing process starts Jan. 2012. “We haven’t written a note. Nonetheless, going Platinum is a sure thing.

You can contact the band via [email protected] or [email protected]

Watch HOPESFALL’s re-union set live at Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem on August 5, 2011:


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