Ok. We don’t do this often, but once a year we conduct an interview with a black metal band ;) Here’s AKRAL NECROSIS from Bucharest, Romania, who released their album “Pandemic Dominion” on April 27th, 2012.

We did a quick chat with Medis Octavian, the vocalist and the leader of the band, on May 24th, 2012. Check it out.

Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hails, I’m Octav, vocal and leader of AAKRAL NECROSIS, a black thrash metal band from Bucharest, RO.

What other bands have you played before? What scenes did AKRAL NECROSIS emerge from? Was it always black and death metal involved?

AKRAL NECROSIS started in 2006 after my first band broke up. It was called INTOLERANCE and we were playing technical death metal. We split up at the end of 2005. Some of the guys went on to play thrash metal, some stopped playing and I realized I wanted something more. I was into black metal and I felt the need to play something more expressing, more theatrical.

It’s been 6 years since you guys formed this horde. Why did it take you so long to release your first full length, “Pandemic Dominion” (2012)?

That’s a good question. Well, without trying to bullshit anybody, it’s been hell making “Pandemic Dominion” since day one right to the end of it. And I’m talking about changing the line-up 10 times, people getting sick while we were recording the LP and even bad omens… and I’m not superstitious or anything. I remember I got the bible to read about seraphim angels after looking stuff up on the Internet. I knew what chapter I was looking for. So as I was saying I got the bible, opened it and guess what. The two pages I wanted to read were empty, not printed. Only ones in the whole book [laughs].

You’ve received quite good reviews after making it to Terrorizer and few other magazines reporting what’s hot in the metal scene. So how was this new album received in general? I mean both local and international audience.

Well I can’t say we had a lot of feedback mostly because we are lacking the time to send it here and there, but we’ll get to that, too. The main problem is our lack of distribution. Anyway, the people who got it loved it, the press too.

How’s Bucharest for metal bands these days?

It’s pure shit. Gone are the glory days when a small gig with local acts had 300 people in the venue. Nowadays we have a lot of big shows and most of the people ignore the local scene. But the ones who still support the underground are fantastic. The funny thing is that now we have a lot of great bands.

Are you in touch with the modern black metal scene? Modern black metal versus old school fast one – which one would you pick up?

Yeah, that’s a tough one. I really couldn’t say. I love the old stuff, but I’m also into modern black metal as long as it’s not very melodic.

Personally, are you pure metal machines locked inside the metal world? [laughs] What about other genres? Any music hobbies outside metal? Do you go to hardcore punk shows? [smiles]

[laughs] We are 90% pure metal machines. There should always be place for other stuff. I’m also into punk and the old hardcore punk (‘80-‘85), but I also enjoy old electronic music like TANGERINE DREAM, KLAUS SCHULZE, KRAFTWERK and so on… and yes, we go to hardcore punk shows once in a while. I always found it weird to be into metal and hate punk, because these two genres belong together.

Cool [smiles]. So, as a black metal band you have to have a lot of inspirations. What bands, writers and artists inspire and motivate you the most?

Our main source of inspiration in the daily grotesque. I always find myself writing lyrics in public places… aside from that I must cite POE, BACOVIA and LOVECRAFT. When it comes to bands, for me it’s always been KING DIAMOND and MAYHEM.

Does black metal have to be always satanic? Are you satanic?

Well it depends on what satanic means for you. If being satanic means decapitating chickens in the cemetery at midnight than I’m not satanic. If it means being against religious bullshit propaganda and against the church then I am. I use Satan and the inverted cross as a symbol for using your mind without the leash of religion.

Can you tell me where’s the line between fun and seriousness when it comes to painting faces and doing all the dressing up stuff? I mean, there are so many people, even inside the metal scene, that simply say black metal is so damn stupid. What would you say to them?

Some people should be more open minded. Of course there are a ton of lame bands using it and they look like clowns, but let’s leave that behind. I consider corpse paint to be an important part of the show. Because in the end, a black metal gig must be a show… and we are talking about a music which is supposed to take you places, it must give you a certain feeling. Take a look at Watain, live. I saw them 2 years ago and it was the perfect black metal show. Their music is great but without the stench and the corpse paint, I don’t think they could achieve that perfect atmosphere.

Do you have any mystical beliefs?

Not really, I believe in myself. If there is a greater force out there that man should respect, then it’s called nature. That, my friend, can fuck you up at anytime.

Are there any bands you’d like to share stage with in future?

Not especially. I never cared too much about sharing the stage with big bands, thinking that it’s gonna help my own band grow, but I do enjoy meeting people. I had a blast recently with the guys from ENDSTILLE, we had two shows together and I can say that they kick ass (on stage and off stage).

Where do we have to travel to see you guys live on stage?

In September we’ll go on tour to promote “Pandemic Dominion”, but the dates are not yet settled so I really couldn’t say anything else than get your asses to Romania if you want to see us. Next year we’ll play in some other countries.

Thanks! Please drop in here any additional comments if you like.

Thank you for this interview and keep supporting real metal/hc/punk.

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