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On June 20th, 2012 we had a chance to talk to guys from Rhode Island’s CONVULSIONS. They shared some overall thoughts with us.

* marks the ridiculous answers :)

Convulsions 21

Thank you for taking this interview, guys. Let’s go back to the beginning of 2012 for a while.
How was your December/January tour with COLONY? You played small venues plus did a house show in Charleston. How do you remember the tour?

The Colony tour was good in the sense that we had fun. We spent most of our time at Wal-mart. The house show in Charleston was alright, and Pat made us some spicy spaghetti.

Tell us more about the split you released with BLACK KITES (August 2011). How do you feel after their splitting up?

I’m glad we got to do a split with a band that we can relate to so well musically. I feel the same.

* What we see from the videos, is that the farewell shows were really tight. How do you remember those gigs?

I folded the cloth of time to leave this message. Do you remember when you were young and you would sit in your room trying to bend the universe? The ideas were there, but the will was not. Through thought alone, I have finally accomplished it. I have pushed myself out of existance. In a short few years you will become the creator of yourself.

* What’s your experience been like with Glory Kid Ltd. label?

By living out of the constraints of reality, you will be the master of all things. The final key is hidden in the frame under the bureau.

* What’s something you love about your local music scene that you have never found out on the road?

It will show you all things. It will allow you to share with yourself, the information that he has never given.

Any chances to see you guys live in Europe sometime soon?

Probably not. Sorry, but who knows what the future holds. We just don’t really have the ability at this very moment.

Did I get it right, that you are hitting Japan later this year?

No, that was really just a video interview of Ninevolt with Trevor, in which he lies. I wish.

I regret you’re not playing this year’s Fluff Fest [smiles]. What’s your view on European hardcore and European hardcore shows/festivals? Did you have a chance to visit the Old Continent? Any favourite Europeans you’d like to sing along with?

I don’t really know. I don’t really like too much regular hardcore. That band OVERMARS is pretty cool. In regards to the Old Continent. Do you mean Israel? I’m not too familiar with the Old Continent. How do I go there? Where is that? I would really like to see VERSE.

[smiles] It’s a beautiful place just around the corner, within your reach. A big box of surprises.

So, where have you been traveling with the band so far? Were there scenes that exceptionally caught your attention?

We mostly do east coast tours. We can’t really do much else. Rochester is pretty wild. They all look like THE LOST BOYS and they’re sleeping upstairs as I type this.

Your “The Reaper’s Gift” 7’’ is back in stock, but almost after 2 years since the premiere we’re getting hungry. Thanked God you’re readying your debut full length. Tell us more about it, what can we expect? How has the time in the studio been?

Our new record is called سأكون رؤيتكم. It’s quite a bit different from our previous releases. “It sounds like THE DOORS. It sounds like psychedelic. I don’t know” – Brendon Simmons. You heard it from the man himself. My housemate. Brendon Simmons. Machines With Magnets was really cool to record with. Seth and Keith did a great job, as well as the rest of the crew. They really made us sound way better than we raelly are. Raelly.

So what’s the release date? [smiles]

I dunno. [winsk] [smiles] [blushes]

[The record release show details can be found at this location]

What’s your view on free downloads and its impact on the business side of music? How do you use Bandcamp and Facebook to reach people who dig what you do? Is it just a simple social tool or is it far more important to you as a band? Will you be checking out the new MySpace in the end of the year? [smiles]

Woah woah woah woah. Is Myspace still a thing and I’m missing out on something? I would be really excited to see it make a comeback.

Sure thing. I’m sure you’ll launch your official profile next year [smiles]

Ok, how do you feel after VERSE re-united? Do you think it was the right decision? How do you care about reunions in general?

Reunions are great. Like, I had been thinking the past 3 years how much I wanted to see REFUSED make a reunion. It’s a dream come true.

What is the most “outside hardcore punk music” we would find on your music player? [smiles]


Rhode Island is known as one of the first states that abolished the death penalty. What’s your opinion on the death penalty? Do you get involved in social issues?

Kill ’em all, let Based God sort ’em out.

How much do you care about politics and international events? Do you follow current events related to economy and stuff that redounds on our finances and everyday lives?

I think politics have been too closely linked to music for a long time. I think my lyrics could easily be mistaken for political, but they’re honestly only about outer-space. I believe in things, and I would like a better quality of life for everyone, but you will never catch me talking about it. I understand this might come off as arrogant and it makes me look like a jerk, but it’s just how I feel. I would like to hear more bands singing about skateboarding, like THE DRUID. That’s what really matters to me.

* Thanks! Feel free to shout out or tell people anything you want. Let your imaginativeness work wild [smiles].

The reason I am telling you these things, is to warn you not to do what I have done. We are caught in a paradox. Soon you will be me, warning yourself again. This will happen over and over and over. You must be the one to break the chain, although, as I heard this once, I know you will do the same. We have become the makers of the universe, and in turn, we will forever walk this same twisted corridor.


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