EXCLUSIVE: DEAD END ALASKA / DEAD END SONS to release a split in March

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Post hardcore / melodic hardcore band DEAD END ALASKA has announced that they are releasing a 7 inch split with hardcore/indie band DEAD END SONS from Augusta Georgia on March 29th 2012.

The split will the first of a 2 part split series entitled “Family and Friends” that will focus on two opposite aspects of DEAD END ALASKA‘s music. The split will showcase the soft, melodic hardcore aspects to DEAD END ALASKA‘s music which will mesh with counterparts DEAD END SONS. Their second release of the series will have more of a dark hardcore feel and the band to be featured on that split will be announced closer to it’s release. Check out the band’s Facebook for further updates and pre-orders for the 7 inch will be up soon!

Pre-orders will be soon up here and here.

DEAD END SONS – “Let Them Die” video:

DEAD END ALASKA – “American Made Bastard Boys” EP:

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